Different Construction Wastes You Can Recycle

Different Construction Wastes You Can Recycle

Posted by Best Access Doors on 20th Jan 2021

When it comes to construction projects, construction companies should prioritize efficiency and sustainability, especially in resources and materials. Sometimes, a construction project may over-budget its resources and construction materials, which is not ideal for any project. A highly experienced contractor will always have precise resource budgeting.

Apart from getting the right amount of resources, they can further decrease their expenses by using recycled construction waste. Recycling construction waste is also an effective way to lessen pollution towards the environment. In this article, you will find that there are different recycled construction materials that contractors can use.

1. Concrete Waste

During building or structure demolition projects, concrete is one of the materials that will turn into waste. Once your workers collect the excess concrete after the demolition, they crush the concrete and turn it into aggregate. Contractors can use the recycled concrete aggregate and avoid purchasing new concrete. Usually, they use it to construct driveways, walls, pathways, curbs, and other concrete construction processes.

2. Brick Waste

Another construction waste found after demolition is bricks and usually have plaster and mortar mixed into them. They are also crushed like concrete waste and used as a filling material. During the mixing process, the excess bricks collected from the demolition have several materials blended to create bricks with more durability and longevity.

3. Plasterboard Waste

Plasterboard and other gypsum wastes are considered hazardous waste. Contractors should also dispose of them properly since they do not bode well when mixed in with landfills filled with other biodegradable waste. The best way to reuse plasterboard for construction is to make them into off-cuts so that you can use them the same way.

4. Plastic Waste

Contractors use plastic in different construction areas, including pipeworks, insulation, interior fittings, scaffolding boards, etc. The most effective way to recycle plastic is to segregate them from other polymers to reduce contamination significantly. Once the plastic waste is recycled, contractors can use them for many applications such as fillers or packaging.

5. Glass Waste

Demolished buildings have glass windows that are shattered or removed from the windows by workers. There are also fluorescent bulbs, structural glass, and even television or computer monitors with glass that you can recycle. Some contractors have a hard time acquiring glass for construction projects due to construction companies ordering too many glass materials, damaging glass in storage, or breaking it during an installation process. You can turn glass waste into a recycled glass through crushing, optical sorting, glass washing, and drying, or screening to remove contaminants on the glass.

6. Waste from Wall and Floor Covers

Demolished commercial buildings may have waste from wall and floor coverings. These include carpets, laminate flooring, tiles, and wallpapers. Workers should handle them correctly to prevent them from getting turned into excess waste. However, you can turn the excess waste into profit by selling them to other businesses like social enterprises that refurbish wall and floor coverings.

Not only can you save the earth from getting polluted, but you can also save from purchasing new construction materials. These construction materials are just as effective as new ones, so you should consider buying and using them for your construction projects.

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