​10 Green Building Materials

​10 Green Building Materials

Posted by Best Access Doors on 12th Jun 2019

Are you a construction company that is looking to promote and lead the way in sustainable building? At Best Access Doors we offer access panels and doors that are  LEED certified as well as promote green practices. New to the industry or not sure what kind of building materials are green or sustainable? We share 10 green building materials that you can use on your next job and project that will increase the energy efficiency and reduce any harmful impact on the environment.

10 green building materials to consider for your next project are:











What makes a product eco-friendly?

When it comes to considering an eco-friendly route, there are two ways of considering the impact on the environment. There is the overall make of the product, so the material and then there is the technique, which looks at how the product will create sustainability. For example, bamboo, wood and  steel are just a few examples of eco-friendly products. They are long-lasting materials (in the case of steel) or they are biodegradable, in the case of the wood or bamboo.

Another way to look at eco-friendly building materials are the actual properties of the material itself. As mentioned, a product is considered eco-friendly if it is biodegradable, it’s a product that has been recycled and promotes a reduction in waste.

Eco-friendly products are also known to be much more durable and long lasting in comparison to common, everyday materials in the market.

Where do you use eco-friendly material?

For a less-experienced builder or contractor, they may not realize that their product can benefit greatly from the use of eco-friendly products. Some places that eco-friendly products can be used are in the:

Structural System

From the frame to the foundation, steel, cement and concrete are great alternatives to creating a base for any construction or industrial project. Steel is a common choice of material for framing in the industrial field.

Roofing and Ceiling

With roofing and ceiling, there are eco-friendly choices that can most definitely enhance and increase the viability of the  roof and ceiling life. For example, micro-concrete roofing tiles or reinforced polymer plastics are great alternatives that can withstand environmental conditions and exposure to hot and cold.

Think eco – think long term and sustainable

The movement to use sustainable products means improving, if not enhancing the performance of the actual build. Eco-friendly products require, more or less, minimal maintenance after installation. Think of insulation, and when how once it’s installed, there is little to no maintenance required. It is for this reason that when it comes to eco-friendly practices there is a movement to be much more embracing and welcoming.

Not only is it being embraced, but with metal materials that often find themselves in the landfill, they are now being able to be reused and included in products or even art.

At Best Access Doors, our access panels and doors are made with long lasting materials that you can rest assured will not only get the job done but be worth every investment and dollar. For more on our products or to see our line of LEED panels and doors, visit us at  www.bestaccessdoors.com, you’ll be glad you did and so will your clients.