​FAQ’s of Clients to Contractors

​FAQ’s of Clients to Contractors

Posted by Best Access Doors on 18th Jul 2018

One of the tasks that contractors, developers, and designers find themselves doing in their line of work is meeting and answering the many questions of potential clients. Sometimes these questions are as simple as “How much will this cost?” to the harder and more customized “What do you recommend if…?” Sometimes the clients will ask these questions to understand better the hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars they are about to invest in repairs and upgrades, while some clients merely ask questions to ask them.

Best Access Doors takes the most common questions that clients will ask their contractor and provide tips on how to best answer said questions.

Q: How many people will be working on the site?

Depending on the  size of the company, a client may want to know how many they can expect working on their property or on site. For some clients this isn’t an issue but depending on the task at hand they may have limitations and expectations of how many people will be working on their site; therefore, as a contractor it is important to indicate how many men it would or could take to complete the requested job. For some clients this can determine whether or not they see the contractor or the company as being equipped to handle the task at hand.

Q: Do you have experience?

A client will sometimes forget that they are the ones that reached out and contacted the contractor and designer; therefore, asking this question can feel counter-intuitive and yet it is a typical question client will ask the contractor they are meeting with. It is essential that as a contractor not to be agitated or to be offended by this question if anything if it is their first time working with a contractor they may be nervous, anxious and unsure resulting in them to need assurance and guarantee. When answering, be honest, upfront and collected. It is essential to demonstrate your experience and qualifications with regards to the work getting done.

Q: How long will this take?

Clients who are unfamiliar with the industry will be unfamiliar with the timelines which are why they will ask (if not religiously) how long will it take for a job to get done. As a contractor, certain factors are beyond one's’ control, and the timeline is one of them. When it comes to this question, a contractor can give an estimation that is realistic and feasible. For example, a contractor who has been assigned to install flooring or insulation would look at the average amount of time it takes to do an “ordinary” job based on the size and area and then would give an estimate that is reasonable to the client.

Contractors know their jobs, their abilities and even so – it can be hard to gauge how long it will take a job to be completed; therefore, providing a reasonable estimation will give the clients some assurance on how long it will take for the job to be finished.

Q: How do you calculate the final bill?

The bill is most likely the least favorite part for a client and sometimes contractor. When it comes to the bill, it can be intimidating. Whether it be the final number or the fact that a client can sometimes feel like they overpaid for a service – this is the part of the job that a client can sometimes not be a fan of. As contractors, this part can sometimes feel like they have to justify why they charge a certain amount for their line of work; however, it is sometimes necessary to explain that when they calculate costs, it is not just the labor but the materials and type of work that need to be considered.

Being clear before the actual job is to take place can help mitigate any awkwardness when it comes to discussing the bill. Whether your rate is hourly or per piece, it is important to indicate this to the client to ensure they are not only comfortable with the price but they understand roughly what their bill is going to be.

Q: Are you insured? Licensed?

For a client knowing that the person working on their project is fully licensed and insured can assure that if anything were to happen, they are fully equipped to handle any such issues or incidents. With so many individuals turning to one-off jobs, clients sometimes mistakenly or not hire contractors who may not be licensed and insured. Showing your proper documentation and any proof of certification can help ease a clients’ mind when it comes to choosing a contractor but also when it comes to spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Clients want to know that they have hired someone who is qualified and can complete the job at hand.

Clients who are involved throughout the process are less likely to complain or find fault; however, if the client is only engaged at the end of the process, they may whine or find flaws that they usually would not have.

Whether a contractor has been in business for years or is starting off, it’s essential that when it comes to clients choosing the perfect man for the job, a contractor can answer the questions with confidence. Sometimes a job will be taken away from a potential contractor because he is unable to answer a question or provide the assurances a client needs; therefore, be prepared to answer the questions a client has and be ready to demonstrate your skills.

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