Importance of Building Upgrades

Importance of Building Upgrades

Posted by Best Access Doors on 20th Jun 2018

As a contractor, one’s job does not end at the end of a project; however, a contractor’s job continues well after it’s finished. A contractor takes pride in their work and in their reputation – which is where upgrades and maintenance come in. A contractor understands the importance of ensuring a building is not only maintained but also any necessary upgrades are done to further prevent any deterioration.

One aspect of a building that cannot be ignored is the structure. The structure, whether it be the foundation or the bearings are an aspect of a building that should not only be maintained but where possible upgraded. How can one upgrade a foundation? A structure? One way of upgrading a buildings structure and foundation is examining what parts can be replaced with modern technology and materials. If not replaced but maintained. 

For example, if a place is not well insulated and mold or mildew begin to build this can result in the structure not only being unstable but also not safe for living or working in. While a contractor can remove the mold – in the worst-case scenario it can result in a complete deconstruction and rebuild. It is because of this that it is important to be constantly vigilant of the surroundings but also of the structure itself.

In one-way, constant vigilance and knowing the materials used in the build can prevent such drastic measures – not to mention, it can result in extreme savings for a client. Another reason for upgrades is that it allows to maintain the value and investment that is put in to a place. 

For example, in residential buildings, while most clients request that their contractors install the most recent and expensive countertops and designs, after a while these will become very passé. Solution? Investing in minor updates here and there will in the long run prevent any drastic upgrades that can hit the bank harder if it is all in one go. Breaking up the costs is sometimes the best investment one can do – especially if they are within a budget.

Contractors are well aware of budgets which is why minor updates can contribute to a better return on the investment but also on the work. From a commercial point of view, upgrades can include installations of panels – from security to soundproof.

In the initial stages of a building, it can be easily perceived that as long as the walls go up, the floor is flat and the roof is intact that is a job well done; however, there are upgrades that can not only enhance the space and building but also the functionality. One example, as previously mentioned is security. Sometimes after a break-in or a misfortune that upgrades are considered – in the case of a break-in, a  security panel could be installed like BA-SLK Security Access Doors.

Panels are just one of many ways to provide a solution to upgrading a space. Depending on the type of panel required, it can also be a cost-effective solution. Client concerned about aesthesis and looking “too industrial” thanks to the various materials for which panels come in they can be painted over or flushed to a wall.

Ignoring upgrades to a space will only result in long terms issues down the road as well as it can jeopardize the safety and security of building. In one way, when a contractor finishes a job, one way they can ensure long-term client satisfaction is through providing the clients with the necessary information to allow for maintenance and long term viability in the work that has been.

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