The Importance of Foundations in Buildings

The Importance of Foundations in Buildings

Posted by Best Access Doors on 24th Feb 2021

In any construction project, the first step that contractors must focus on is laying out a reliable foundation for the structure. It is a crucial part that will determine the durability and resilience of the building. Contrary to popular belief, the ground is unstable and unstable, and putting up a house on bare earth will surely be a failure. However, a good foundation can keep the building stable despite a large amount of abuse that it takes.

To help you know more about its importance, here are the benefits of foundations in buildings:

Bears the strain of the heavy load

There are two loads that a building foundation must withstand: the dead and live loads. The dead load refers to the constant weight of a building structure itself, while the live bag is the changing weights of its occupants and other contents. If you are in a cold place, snow’s importance is also part of the live load. The foundation must be continuous, with four in-ground wall footings connecting to bear these loads. It must also be rigid enough to transmit the overall weight to the ground without any problems.

However, it is essential to note that hard ground such as soft or wet soil and sloping location will need different foundations. You can try installing vertical tiles to make the structure more stable.

Withstands storm damages

Aside from holding up the building and bearing heavy loads, a foundation also acts as a stabilizer against lateral or side to side movements. It should be strong enough to withstand inclement weather conditions such as storms, heavy rains, harsh winds that could batter the building. Even if we believe that a simple house with bricks will be strong enough to last for years, this is entirely wrong. What makes an infrastructure sturdy sufficient to keep up years of battering is a solid foundation. So, if you want to have a building that you can pass down for generations, you have to invest more in this.

Protects the building from flooding

If your building is in a flood-prone area, this could be horrible news for your building's stability. However, having a solid foundation can ensure that your establishment will remain standing despite the water seeping through your property’s structures. It will help in keeping your structural integrity intact as soon as the water subsides.

Provides insulation

In winter, we may think that the heat-loss is due to the lack of insulation on your building’s roof as we know that hot air always rises—this why people use attic hatch with proper insulation. However, some of us don’t know that heat can also go when it contacts colder surfaces such as the earth. If you want to prevent this, it would be best to build a strong foundation as the reinforced concrete can be a sufficient buffer.

Moreover, its insulation purposes can also help prevent ground moisture from damaging and making the building rot’s wood structures. If you have a basement, it would be best to have a box foundation with a concrete slab against the groundwater’s high level. You can install a waterproof access door if you need to

Build the integrity of your building!

A building’s integrity can measure the effort, time, and investment you give for its future. Aside from focusing on its design, it is also essential to provide adequate attention to its structures and foundations to keep it sturdy and safe at all times. If you want to inspect your building components for safety and security, installing steel insulated access doors would be best.

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