Countertop Solutions

Countertop Solutions

Posted by Best Access Doors on 17th Apr 2019

At Best Access Doors, we specialize in  access panels and doors – but we also offer information on various aspects of construction, renovations and upgrades. Sometimes we understand that having an assortment of products can be overwhelming and hard to determine what the best choice for any countertop problem is. For the budding builder or contractor, Best Access Doors shares countertops options to help for your next project. Whether it is a commercial or residential install, be informed with your next countertop purchase.


Granite is one of the most commonly purchased countertop material. It is resistant to scratches which depending on where this countertop is installed it can be an added benefit. Typically, granite countertops are installed in kitchens or restaurants such as the bar because of this resistance to scratching but also extreme heat. While this particular countertop material is scratch resistant and can withstand heat exposure – there is regular maintenance required. Typically maintenance will include a resealing coat on the countertop to maintain its longevity. 

Curious about  price? Expect to pay anywhere up to $100 per square foot.


One building material that might not be seen as an option for a countertop is wood. When a contractor or builder chooses to go with wood, they are doing so as a cost-saving solution. Wood that is applied as a countertop is often coated with a layer of resin which will either give it a shine, enhance its water resistance or just give it a treatment. What makes wood a countertop solution and choice is that it can give off the vibe that is more natural and organic. This can be an excellent solution in the office or business spaces. It would not, however, be a choice countertop in a kitchen because wood can be easily scratched or damaged.

Not only does this specific countertop provide some limitations on where it can be installed but it will require more than usual maintenance in comparison to a granite countertop. From sanding to oils, these can help maintain the longevity and durability of the wood.

Food for thought when it comes to this cost-saving countertop solution – the type of wood choice, from maple to red oak and mahogany – countertop made by wood can cost up to $250 per square foot. So, keep that in mind when you think about saving money with a wood countertop.

Stainless Steel

Want to offer an industrial feel for your clients? Stainless steel countertop is the way to go. Steel countertops can be useful as a working table for writing, or it can be a great install in a commercial or industrial kitchen. They can withstand upwards of 800 degrees and can resist rusting. However, before you were to promote stainless steel as the perfect countertop – be wary of where and what the counter will be used for as it can get loud. From a pen dropping or even something heavy resting on it.

If the steel countertop is meant for aesthetics over functionality, then it’s important that clients realize that stainless steel countertop can get scratched and dented easily. Though scratches on  stainless steel can be hidden with special oils, un-denting a dent can be a little harder.


An unlikely countertop choice- concrete is a heat and scratch resistant countertop choice. Similar to granite and most countertops, applying sealant regularly can extend its counter life. Why would anyone choose a concrete counter? One thing about concrete that is unlike most countertop materials is that they can be customized and personalized to suit a client’s design and style. For some who look to install concrete countertops at home, it can be great DIY customization.

What does it cost to install concrete countertops? Going with concrete can range from $65 to $135 per square foot – the one thing that increases the cost is the installation of the actual counter. It can get pricey when it comes to labor.


For many, the laminate is an ideal flooring choice; however, did you know you can install laminate countertops? Similar to wood, the laminate is a perfect countertop choice for contractors whose clients are budget conscientious. They are an inexpensive solution and easy to install. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to installing laminate is given their make, they are not very strong and can be easily stained or scratched. This is one tradeoff of having a countertop that is, in comparison to other countertop materials in the market is inexpensive.

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