Sustainable Building – A Look at Green Building Practices

Sustainable Building – A Look at Green Building Practices

Posted by Best Access Doors on 16th May 2018

Sustainable Building – A Look at Green Building Practices

There is a movement that is promoting sustainable building throughout the construction industry – and it isn’t just this specific industry that is taking a notice and also actively participating. Manufacturers are also taking a notice of the fact that consumers and clients alike are making environmentally conscientious decisions about the products and materials they buy. At  Best Access Doors, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability which is why we have compiled a list of five green building practices that contractors are doing and how the installation of an access panel can do so much more for your next project.

Recycled Material – Whether it’s the type of insulation, the wood or even the fixtures which compose your project, one aspect of sustainable building is taking pre-existing material and repurposing it elsewhere. This isn’t to say that the insulation that was once used in a 30-year old building should be reused again; however, certain frames and panelling, so long as the actual body has no damages can in fact be reused again. Unlike the things we buy in a grocery store – panelling does not have an expiration date.

Recycled material also means that contractors are making a conscientious decision to see how much of a product contains recycled material, a prime example of this is insulation. Insulation, depending on the make and the purpose of use can be composed of recycled material; however, again this is decision is entirely dependent on whether or not the purpose the insulation is to serve is met with the type of insulation needed.

Sustainable Metals – Metals are an essential material in the construction industry regardless of sustainability or not; however, there are certain metals that are more sustainable than others. One such metal that is considered a sustainable metal is aluminum. Aluminum is a metal that possess features that prevent it from corrosion and rust – and any contractor knows that this is always a benefit to have in any project or building.

Use of natural elements – When we think of buildings built nearly 100 years ago, they were built with the purpose of being grand and housing people. The idea of sustainability was not even a consideration; however, fast forward to present day and our skyline has been shaped with historical buildings and sustainable ones as well. Now we see a mix of sustainable practices that include incorporating natural elements of flow from air and light. A design today will incorporate ways of having natural light in the space while also using advancements in technology and geothermal practices.

High efficiency systems – Investing in an HVAC system that is Energy Star rated means that you are not only saving on energy use but money as well. This sustainable practice is one that benefits both the environment and one is wallet because it takes in to consideration the amount of space to manage and the purpose of a particular HVAC unit. Having an HVAC system though also means that it is important to ensure that where the unit is installed that the duct work isn’t jeopardized or worn down as this can actually be counterproductive to having a high efficiency system.

Geothermal Practices – Solar panels once use to be a rarity where only a select few were able to install them on their premises; however, know they have become as common as the ordinary shingles of one’s roof. Geothermal practices are ones that consider natural elements of solar and wind as means of producing energy. Solar is a common method of producing and using energy – especially with government rebates and practices, many are installing them into their homes as well as businesses. Wind is one that many larger cities are turning to when it comes to having a renewable energy source – though for some it can be an eyesore, its benefits are much greater than that of the appearance it presents to a city landscape.

Contractors and designers are collaborating with traditional methods of building with that of environmental sustainable building. Thanks to the various options of materials and resources available and more accessible – creating and promoting an environmentally sustainable building is much more easier and not as costly as it used to be.

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