​Plastic in Construction

​Plastic in Construction

Posted by Best Access Doors on 3rd Jul 2019

Have you ever thought about building with plastic? Did you know that plastic is considered a viable material when it comes to construction? At Best Access Doors, we offer plastic access panels and doors because we know that while plastic often gets a bad rap – there are benefits of using plastic materials. Still unsure? Why not consider the following the next time you wonder whether or not plastic is a suitable building material for your next project and build…


Plastic is so versatile, and because of its versatility, it means that it can mimic and take on various appearances. Plastic can be manipulated to different shapes as well as be colored to suit its surrounding. Curved, straight-edged or patterned, whatever your clients’ needs or designers’ ideas, plastic can be manipulated to suit one's needs.


One of the things that makes plastic a choice on projects is that it can be highly resistant to chemicals and solvents. It is for this resistant trait that most plastics are perfect for installation outside or in areas that may have high exposure to the possibility of rusting. In a way, plastic pipes have replaced many metal pipes, and at Best Access Doors, we offer plastic access panels that are anti-corrosive.


Despite what many builders may think, plastic is a highly durable building material. Depending on the shape and thickness, it can enhance the durability of plastic.

Fire Resistance

Plastics that have been designed with a cellulose acetate burn slower than conventional plastics on the market. PVC plastics take longer to catch on fire which makes them suitable in high-heat exposed spaces.  At Best Access Doors our knowledgeable staff can provide insight and guidance on our plastic access panels.


Once a plastic access panel or any plastic material, there is little to no maintenance required. Plastic, unlike metals or wood materials, do not need any special coating to enhance or protect it, it doesn’t require any finishing touches. Some plastics can be painted to suit the environment and surroundings; however, that is more of a preferred choice.


An underdog compared to other materials used in construction, but plastic does possess a certain strength that may not realize. With its reinforced fibrous materials, the plastic is able to provide strength – so long as the weight is distributed evenly because if there is a slight imbalance in load – it can cause bending.

Building with Plastic

The next time you consider building with plastic, consider the following, and you will see that while plastic isn’t considered a traditional building material, it does offer the same if not equal functionalities of multiple building products. To view Best Access Doors plastic access panels, visit our inventory online at www.bestaccessdoors.com and see all the possibilities that can come and happen from plastic in a building.