What You Should Expect from Security Access Doors

What You Should Expect from Security Access Doors

Posted by Best Access Doors on 16th Nov 2017

We're all becoming more preoccupied with safety as a society.

The majority of Americans feel there is more crime on the rise and we are willing to take additional precautionary steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Whether we're trying to ensure our own safety, the safety of our friends and families, of others, or of our personal belongings - we want to make sure that we are prepared for anything and everything. Adding extra features and options to our access doors to offer an additional layer of security is a great start.

When trying to decide what type of security measures you want to add to your access doors, there are a handful of things to consider. The right type of door can protect against fire, against intrusion, or provide a protective option.

Regular access doors are phenomenal additions to any structure, but having one with an additional layer of protection adds peace of mind.

Top 5 Expectations for Security Access Doors

For centuries, structures have been built with some type of access doors.

In the middle ages, a giant boulder could be used to conceal access to a home or secret location. When America was first settled, people used wood to create types of hatches in their homes.

For every decade that people have been using access doors, one thing is constant - the purpose.

Access doors have two main reasons for existence - to keep things in and to keep things out.

Let's look at a few expectations you should have when installing a security access door.

1. High-Quality Material

When evaluating what type of access door options that are best for you and your specific construction needs, material needs to be a top consideration.

If you are trying to install a metal steel access door in a ceiling that is made out of plywood and small 1x2 inch furring strips, you may deal with some structural issues in the near future. Choosing the correct security access door starts with the type of construction and the appropriate material.

Also, you'll want to consider whether you need some type of insulation.

If you are trying to air-tight a room or you want to keep humidity in or out, then security access doors with insulation would be quality considerations.

However, there is one thing that is certain - material is important.

If you are wanting the added protection that a security access door can provide, you do not want a door that is made from a cheap, low-quality material that can be easily compromised.

2. Strategic Placement

Anyone can potentially install an access door, however, that doesn't mean that anyone has the expertise to understand the best and most appropriate placement of these types of doors.

Access doors need to be easily accessible but, also, easily concealable. When we decide to install security access doors, usually it's not something we want visible or advertised to just anyone.

Another important expectation of placement is to ensure it will be clear from obstacles or inhibiting factors such as high-traffic or in the middle of a busy hallway. We want to have our access doors placed in a manner that is conducive for us to reach as well as relatively out of sight.

3. Safety & Security Features

When you are choosing to install a security access door, you have a specific reason or rationale in mind.

If you are looking for something for your home or small office, then a medium security door may fit your needs. Available in a number of different sizes, these types of access doors are designed for basic levels of security.

If you are looking for something that is highly impenetrable and rated for the highest in safety and security needs, then you may want to consider a high-security door. These types of doors are designed for the utmost level of security and are made with detention-grade steel.

If you need an access door that can ensure safety against fire, then you'll want to consider a fire-rated security door.

Depending on the level of security that you are looking to add when installing an access door, you'll want to consider all of the safety and security features.

4. Ensured Access

This is one of the biggest aspects that you should consider when choosing the right security access doors to fit your needs.

Having a type of fail-proof plan of access is important when your access doors are installed. Depending on the type of locking device that is part of the door, you'll want to ensure that you have a dependable system.

5. Cost

Of course, one of the largest considerations should be cost. You do not have to break the bank to install high-quality security access doors. In fact, a large expectation should be that the price is both fair and comparable to industry standards.

Do your homework and price out a few door options. Check the material, any locking devices that may be included, as well as specs for installation requirements. Knowing exactly what you need before you purchase will save you both time and money on install.

You don't want to choose the cheapest and you don't want to choose the most expensive. Find a handful of price options that offer prices in the middle range that seem to be most conducive for your installation needs.

Trusted Access

When you need to install a security access door, you'll want to ensure that you know exactly what you need, as well as exactly where it will be placed.

When a security access door is installed, customers expect quality materials, strategic placement, safety and security features, ensured access, and cost to be provided with their estimate.

When a BA-SLK Security Access Doors, is installed, customers expect quality materials, strategic placement, safety and security features, ensured access, and cost to be provided with their estimate.

If you need a bit more insight and expertise when choosing between security access doors, consider reaching out to an industry professional that can help.

Keeping ourselves and our belongings safe these days has become something that no one takes lightly. Installing quality, security access doors can help us rest easy knowing that we've taken extra steps to protect what's most important to us.

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