​Managing Your Renovations With Ease

​Managing Your Renovations With Ease

Posted by Best Access Doors on 28th Nov 2018

Best Access Doors offers hundreds of options when it comes to access panels – we also understand that when it comes to installing an access panel, whether it is a minor renovation or a complete upgrade, it can be a stressful and challenging time. 

It is for this reason that we offer helpful tips but products that can make a stressful process easier and fluid. While we provide clients and contractors the necessary tools and products – we also provide the necessary guidance when it comes to ensuring your renovation, no matter how big or small, goes along with ease. 

Best Access Doors shares three points on how you can manage your next improvement – no matter where or what it is.

Be Prepared – Material and Measurement

When it comes to managing renovations with as little resistance and stress being prepared is the first step to avoiding any stress and worry. Preparation can be everything from ensuring the proper measurements of openings but also making sure all the necessary materials are listed. For example, when it comes to preparing a space for the install of a flushed access panel as a means of storage, a contractor would ensure the following:

  • Measurements and markings are made to indicate where the panels will go
  • The area is clean and bright for all work that is about to take place
  • The contractor has all the necessary materials and equipment
  • Any ordered items – such as access panels like BA-IVHDF Invisa Hatch™ Drywall Inlay with Fully Detachable Hatch, and arrived on time

It is these essential yet straightforward tasks that can make the process of renovations simpler and efficient.

Know the Goal

For most renovations means reviving a space or updating it due to damages. Once it is understood what the goal of the repair is, then can all other factors be considered if not factored in. For example, if a new HVAC system was to be installed in a slightly tight and hard to access area, a contractor might recommend the use of an HVAC access panel. These panels, which vary in style, make and size allow for functional access as well, depending on the method can be insulated which can add as an extra barrier of sound absorption.

No matter what the goal is of a renovation, they help dictate how the project will proceed and in doing so merely make the process go smoother. Not knowing the purpose, whether it be the client unsure of the feel or the contractor who is trying to meet the needs and wants of the client, any disconnect can result in lost time and a more difficult renovation.

Budget Accordingly

As any builder, contractor or client even what can make the renovation process a drag? Stressful? Not having sufficient enough of a budget to keep the budget going. This can be hard to determine if one is not experienced – especially from a client perspective who may not realize the cost of materials or staffing. When it comes to renovations, it is always essential that the client understands that sometimes some factors and variables are not accounted for in the initial budget. 

These variables include a sudden increase in material costs, shortage of materials or products but also project delays regarding having the right number of workers. While the budget often considers these factors, it is always recommended to have a buffer – doing this will minimize the stress but also make the renovation process less stressful.

While clients won’t always see the benefits – as a contractor and project manager, getting them to look at the benefits of over-budgeting will pay off in the long run, primarily if the reserve fund is used. 

At Best Access Doors, clients and contractors alike don’t have to worry about our products going up in costs, if anything we work to provide materials that will suit all budgets – no matter how large or little it is.

Renovations, whether it is painting a room or installing a flush access panel is a stressful thing. When prepared, however, the process becomes easier both from a client and contractor perspective. 

As an USA's largest access panel supplier, Best Access Door strives to make this process as smooth and fluid as possible – this means our knowledgeable team is ready to help you in the process of choosing and installing that perfect access panel.

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