Why You Should Install An Access Panel for Your Next Project

Why You Should Install An Access Panel for Your Next Project

Posted by Best Access Doors on 14th Dec 2017

While working with new clients, some might ask: Should I install an access panel? What would you say; yes, or no? 

The right answer is almost always yes.

What makes an access panel a necessity for your next project?

An access panel offers many benefits, and we'll look at three of those while installing an access panel, and why you should consider it for your next project.

An extra layer of wall – with access

Installing an access panel can actually act as another layer of wall, regardless of the type of material. From insulated to uninsulated, flush or aluminum – installing an access door can add an extra layer to a specific spot on the wall. Though it would seem to add an extra layer, access panels provide the ability to store, organize and insulate that particular spot.

So often we think having an over-sized square or gap in the wall is necessary to be able to organize or access wires behind the foundation; however, a simple solution would be the installation of an access door. Something like an HVAC all purpose door can make accessing the system easy and simple.

Organization and Compartmentalization

From plumbing units to HVAC’s installing an access panel is now not only required under many building codes, but imagine the simplicity of having these units and areas easily accessible and organized. HVAC’s can sometimes get intricate and complicated. From wiring to piping, sometimes having an access panel or door that will indicate its location and path can simplify things. 

Not to mention, installing an access panel where there is the potential for noise pollution form the whirring machines can actually be reduced thanks to an access panel; specifically, one that is BA-PAL Insulated Aluminum Access Doors. On top of acting as a way of organizing and compartmentalizing certain features of the home, it is a great way to make something operational visually appealing.

Sometimes it can be hard to hide an HVAC system, but with an HVAC access panel, or a duct access door and panel, you or workers can easily and conveniently access these areas.

Aesthetically Functional

By deciding to install an access panel or door you are not only choosing quality, you are choosing a better design. How so? The installation of an access panel actually replaces those visually unappealing wires or ducts that you need access to.

With an access door, whether it is your floor, wall, or ceiling, there are such variants that they are aesthetically appealing. You have the ability to select the material from which they are made; you are able to choose the finish, as well. An added perk is that you can choose whether or not you want it insulated. The options are endless for finding the perfect access panel to meet your building needs.

Financial Perks

When installing an access panel or any type of insulation, you will profit in the long run. From energy bills to installing a quality access door that will meet your proper needs, purchasing an access door will result in long-term savings.

Insulated access panels help reduce heating and cooling costs, as they will maintain the temperate of your space. When you choose to install an access door over a panel, you are choosing to select a long-term and viable option.

Invest Wisely for a lifetime

When you make the decision to purchase and install an access panel, you are making a smart and long-term investment for your home or business. While it may initially appear daunting to invest in what some perceive as a temporary solution, understanding your needs and making an informed decision renders the price tag irrelevant.

In large commercial and industrial projects, the installation of access doors is mandatory to comply with building codes and regulations. However, the true value lies in the benefits they offer. Access doors have been proven time and again to save lives by preventing the spread of fires. By incorporating fireproof access panels or considering such access points, you can significantly enhance the safety of your premises.

One of the greatest advantages of access panels and doors is their flexibility. You can easily install them at any point in time, regardless of the size or scope of your project. Whether it's a major construction endeavor or a minor upgrade, transforming your wall into one equipped with an access panel is always feasible.

If you're planning a minor upgrade or renovation, you have the option to work with existing insulation or start from scratch. The beauty of insulation is its versatility, allowing you to install it in various locations.

At Best Access Doors, we offer a wide range of insulated access panels like BA-PAL. By choosing our products, you not only ensure energy efficiency but also comply with numerous building standards and effectively prevent air leakage and minimize noise transmission. 

Make a lifetime investment with Best Access Doors today!