Duct Access Door and Panel

Regular HVAC inspections and maintenance are necessary for eliminating potential risks of system breakdown. Duct access doors are created for this purpose. These doors provide maintenance personnel easy and fast access to HVAC systems anytime. To fit common ductwork dimensions, duct panels are made available in a wide range of sizes.

Best Access Doors supplies hinged duct doors in standard and fiberglass. Designed to provide convenient access to duct components, our panels assure a tight seal without hindering the air system. You may use our hinged duct access panel for both commercial or residential areas.

BA-HD-5070-F is designed to provide convenient, economical access to fiberglass ducts. This door is for use in low to medium pressure fiberglass ducts. It features a hinged door panel, 24 gauge galvanized steel for both door and frame, a continuous piano hinge, and a self tightening, hand operated cam latch.

Manufactured for use in low to medium pressure up to 3” static W.G., our hinged duct access panel is insulated, along with the gasketing between the door and frame. The 5/8” notched knock over tabs on the inside of the frame provides for easy installation. It also has a self tightening, hand operated cam latch.

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