6" Recessed Valve Box - 8" x 8"

8" wide x 8" high x 6" deep

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6" X 8" X 8" Recessed Valve Box 

Introducing the BA-ARVB 6" X 8" X 8" Recessed Valve Box - Your Solution for Concealed Control Access! 

Designed for commercial construction professionals, the BA-ARVB Recessed Valve Box from Best Access Doors provides easy access to all types of valves and controls concealed within walls. Crafted from top-of-the-line stainless steel or steel, this valve box boasts a sturdy 16-gauge door, frame, and box, ensuring unmatched protection for your valuable controls. 

Unveiling its Core Features: 

Easily Customizable: The BA-ARVB can be tailored to meet your exact valve and control requirements. The depth of the valve box is fully modifiable, providing a perfect fit for your specific needs. 

Tailored to Perfection: Achieve unparalleled customization with optional vision panels, louvers, and engraved plates, catering to your unique specifications. Special holes for pipes or conduits can be accommodated, ensuring seamless integration with your system. 

Premium Construction: The 16-gauge door, flush to frame with rounded safety corners, exudes elegance and durability, elevating your installation to a professional level. 

Complete Enclosure: The fully enclosed box, meticulously attached to the frame, guarantees complete protection for your concealed valves and controls. If required, an open-back design is available for added flexibility. 

Technical Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 6" X 8" X 8" 
  • Box Material: Stainless Steel or Steel - 16-gauge door, frame, and box 
  • Box Door: 16-gauge, flush to frame with rounded safety corners. 
  • Box Frame: One-piece outer flange welded to the box. 
  • Box: Fully enclosed, completely attached to the frame. (Option for the open back design.) 
  • Box Hinge: Continuous and concealed. 
  • Box Latch: Cylinder lock & key (standard), optional: screwdriver-operated cam latch, spanner head cam latch, flush paddle handle, thumb turn latch. 
  • Box Finish: Stainless Steel: Type 304 - #4 satin polish. Steel: 5-stage iron phosphate preparation with a prime White alkyd baked enamel coat. 

Did You Know?  
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Let’s Get Started! 

Whether providing easy access to concealed valves in commercial buildings, safeguarding sensitive controls, or ensuring flawless integration into your unique system, the BA-ARVB 6" X 8" X 8" Recessed Valve Box covers you. Experience its convenience and security and elevate your construction projects to new heights. 

Unlock the potential of your concealed controls with the BA-ARVB Recessed Valve Box today! 

Call us at 1-800-483-0823 to place your order or to ask questions. Remember, we can custom-configure almost all our products. Let us know what you have in mind! 

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