Adjustable Magnetic FlexiSnap Access Door

Best Access Doors’ any surface adjustable access panel magnetic flexisnap has the job of concealing unsightly pipes and wires that you may need to frequently access. Thanks to its elegant finish and its versatility, it is suitable for any room in the house. It is a sustainable option that you will no longer want to do without!

Our BA-FLE products have been designed and manufactured with care in order to offer a high-quality solution, as supported by their technical characteristics. This door is constructed with 20 gauge cold rolled steel, 24 gauge galvanneal steel with perforated folding tabs and 2 security cables. It also has polymer corners and 4 magnets with 1 on each corner. 

Are you looking for ways to customize the BA-FLE access door series? You can do so with the panel’s high-quality white powder coat primer finish which can be painted over or covered with wallpaper, whichever will help you achieve a seamless finish. 

If you want it simple, you will surely love the simplicity that our magnetic access panel gives. Moreover, you won’t need any additional material or tools because the installation process is so easy. It has an innovative design that offers great flexibility and allows the frame to adjust to various opening sizes; it will correct your mistakes, if necessary. You can even reuse it if you undertake other renovations!

You don’t have to look any further! Take advantage of our quality general purpose adjustable access door magnetic flexisnap. Our special access doors and panels are now in stock and ready to ship! Call us now at 1-800-483-0823.