Draft Stop Access Door

Best Access Doors is proud to introduce the new any surface draft access door designed to allow access through vertical openings of draft stop spaces in the attic. The same door helps in preventing a backdraft from one section to another. From small to large openings, we have a wide array of door sizes that you can choose from. 

The BA-DRD access door is not insulated. It comes with a 1” flange for an easy flush installation on any type of surface material. As per UL standards, once the installation is complete and the provided springs installed, this door will be self closing and self locking. It should not be used in situations where protection against temperature elevation is required. The largest DRD door available is: (24’’ x 60’’).

BA-DRD consists of 16 gauge cold rolled steel frame and 20 gauge galvanneal steel door; an automatic panel closer which is standard for all doors, and inside panel release. It comes standard with a self latching tool-key operated slam latch and/or ring operated slam latch, both included yet can also be equipped with key operated cylinder, 4” handle operated, hex head, mortise with and without cylinder. 

Another great benefit of using the BA-DRD access panel series is that it lives up to LEED standards and other green building criteria. For the popular door size 36” x 48”, this draft stop access door has a product lead time of just 3 to 5 days.

Are you looking for a general purpose draft stop access panel? We have them at Best Access Doors only at the best value. For more questions or inquiries about our products, you should try calling us at 1-800-483-0823.