Flush Attic and Ceiling Access Panel

Ceiling access doors primarily serve the purpose of providing secure and convenient access to crawlspaces but the aesthetics must not be compromised. When it comes to ceiling and attic installations, you need an access door that will not interfere with the surface design or finish. Best Access Doors suggests installing the ceiling access door flush installation. Now available in lush prime coated -touch latch, aesthetic door with hidden flange, a flush door with 1” flange, and flush door with drywall flange. 

Our BA-AHD general-purpose access door with flange has easily become popular among builders and contractors. This door is designed for quick and easy installation on non-rated vertical and horizontal surfaces made of drywall or any other type of material. It has rounded mitered corners concealed pin hinge and 3/8" return all around the door make it the sturdiest door on the market. 

When you purchase our general-purpose door, you can choose from different locks or latches, gaskets, and materials. he AHD prevents sagging as compared to flat door panels and requires fewer locks. It can also help with your LEED certification

Don’t look any further and get our popular flush access panel for your project. What are you waiting for? Choose from our extensive collection and order now! Call us at 1-800-483-0823