Plastic Ceiling Access Panel

When buying an access panel to use in your building construction, it’s important to first assess whether or not your chosen material works best for your needs. While all access doors and panels can be used to access and conceal less decorative fixtures of a building like plumbing, electrical, and mechanical, you need to choose a material that is ideal for your application. For indoor applications, lightweight plastic access panels can be a neat and cost-effective solution. 

Plastic ceiling access panel is a top quality low cost solution for access to critical areas behind ceilings. It never rusts or fades and maintains its beautiful appearance over time. In case you want to customize the appearance of your plastic access panel, it will be very easy for you to do so since the plastic material can be easily painted to match the color of your ceiling finish. We have designed our plastic access panels to provide easy entry to walls and ceilings. These are easy to install and very economical and attractive. So, if you want to hide wires and lines, we pretty much got you covered with our high-quality plastic ceiling access panels! 

Our plastic access doors have a white finish, with textured exposed surfaces, that can be left as is or painted to match the surrounding areas. They are available in a wide range of sizes and come with optional installation adhesive. These doors can be easily installed by applying caulking adhesive to the back of the frame and pressing into place. 

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