Floor Panels

There will come a time when the installation of floor access hatches is necessary for your building. You won't have any complications accessing the cables and wires underneath the floors if you decide to install them. If not for accessing these critical assets, you can also use them to provide reliable and secure access between building floors. 

You'll be amazed at the various dimensions you can choose from our lineup of high-quality floor access hatches. We have Flush Aluminum or Recessed Aluminum Floor Hatches, depending on what will suit your needs. 

You can either choose a Hinged and Removable Floor Door to avoid any doors in the way when working. The removable door is a nice feature for when there's construction happening, and you want to keep the door out of harm's way. 

For these hatches' frontal area, you can have different materials placed at the front, such as ceramic tile and concrete, or vinyl tile & carpet. This door assembly is beneficial for buildings that need the floor hatches to blend in with their surroundings. 

We also have floor hatches in an angle frame and channel frame. Both of these are watertight to avoid any water passing issues in and out of the hatch. And if your goal is to make the building floodlight and gastight, we also have Floodtight and Gastight access hatches that provide this kind of feature. 

What you need is Best Access Doors' Fire-Rated Floor Hatch for buildings that need to follow fire safety rules and regulations. These are rated by Warnock Hersey International with a 2-hour fire rating and tested to NFPA 288; ASTM E 119. 

Get your floor access hatches today! You won't regret having our products installed in your building because our doors are complete in features and necessary accessories. Contact us at 1-800-483-0823.