Floor doors are designed to serve a specific purpose. For interior and exterior applications where water may rise above the surface opening, builders and designers use a floodtight floor access door. This door has special features which ensure that it will not leak from standing water. Here at Best Access Doors, you can choose from 4 different units of our floodtight panels. We offer the standard sizes 24” x 24”, 24” x 36”, 30” x 30”, and 36” x 36”.

Best Access Doors’ BA-A-FPS floor access door series is complete with an angle frame construction with 4" high horizontal leg allow for bolting to concrete. The diamond plate door panel is reinforced to 625 pounds/sq ft (capable of holding up to 10 feet head of water). It overlaps the frame, compressing the gasket, providing for a flood tight fit. In case you prefer a customized solution, we sure got you covered.

In the event water penetrates internal building systems, it becomes a huge risk for everyone from building occupants to property owners. Other building functions can also be affected. To avoid all these unfortunate situations from happening, make sure to provide utilities with quality protection such as a floodtight floor access panel. Call our team today for product availability.

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