Aluminum Insulated Access Doors

Best Access Doors’ insulated aluminum access door is ideal for exterior as well as interior areas where corrosion or moisture is a concern. The material is also lightweight, thus, access to large openings in walls and ceilings is made easy. You can buy our insulated aluminum access door and lightweight aluminum access door today in different commercial and residential standard sizes. 

Best Access Doors’ BA-LT-4000 is a lightweight access door with all aluminum construction for walls and ceilings. It features a mitered aluminum frame that provides an architecturally pleasing appearance and an aluminum door panel lined with 3/4" polystyrene insulation. Gasketing between the door and the frame is 1/8” x 3/8” closed cell neoprene gasketing. It is not tested for airtight or watertight. 

If your goal is to reduce sound and air transfers between partitions, the BA-PAL access door with 1” fiberglass insulation and neoprene gasket is an ideal choice. The robust all aluminum construction allows its use in large wall or ceiling openings. It also comes with an aluminum continuous piano type hinge, a neoprene gasket all around the perimeter, cylinder lock and key, and DuPont high quality white powder coat. 

Our aluminum insulated gasketed access panel can help with your project’s LEED certification. Hire Best Access Doors as your reliable material supplier today. Buy our panels now!