Steel Insulated Access Doors

Among the industry-preferred exterior access panels is the steel insulated gasketed from Best Access Doors. The steel construction makes our doors ideal for protection against outdoor elements. Our BA-ED and BA-MX access door series help facilitate regular service adjustments to plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components requiring access from outside buildings.

Protect your outdoor installations with Best Access Doors’ exterior panels manufactured and engineered to provide protection against harsh weather conditions. It is composed of 16 gauge galvanneal steel with 1" flange and concealed hinge. Standard lock or latch is a cylinder lock with a knurled knob or key operation. The new technology helps to manifest resistance to water and vapor.

Introducing another sturdy exterior access door from our selection, our BA-MX includes Styrofoam insulation that provides exceptional resistance to water and water vapor. To ensure a watertight seal between the door and frame, a closed-cell neoprene gasket and a lift & turn compression latch is provided along with a trim and pan with corners arc-welded and ground smooth. These protective measures ensure this door’s long-term performance even in the most severe moisture conditions.

For more information about our steel insulated gasketed access door, chat with us online or call us at 1-800-483-0823. Our exterior panels are available at affordable prices, buy now!