Fire Rated Door

Before you make a final selection of access panels, one important thing that you have to do is to carefully consider the fire ratings of construction elements. The door material should be compatible with the surface it is installed, otherwise building safety might be compromised. No idea how to find the right fire ratings for certain applications? Don’t worry because Best Access Doors is here to help. Don’t hesitate to shop our fire-rated insulated access door in 18 different standard commercial and residential sizes today. 

If you’re looking to provide quick access to your fire-rated walls and ceilings as required by code, we recommend our BA-PFI access door series. It features a one-inch flange for easy installation on any surface. This door is constructed with 16-gauge cold-rolled steel frame and 20-gauge galvanneal steel door, along with two inches of mineral wool.  An inside panel release is included on all slam latch fire doors along with a standard panel closer. Also, this door is finished with DuPont high-quality white powder coat.

Featuring our BA-PFI, fire-rated by Intertek - Warnock Hersey with 3 hours, neutral/negative pressure for installation in vertical wall assemblies; and 3 hours in non-combustible construction for installation in horizontal ceiling assemblies. We also provide optional locks and latches that include a ring/tool key operated slam latch, key-operated cylinder cam latch, 4” handle operated slam latch, hex head slam latch and mortise slam latch with and without cylinder. 

When it comes to the fire-rated insulated access panel, you don’t have to look further! Get it from Best Access Doors today at an economical price. Call us at  1-800-483-0823.