Domed Roof Hatches

When it comes to residential and non-residential buildings, securing interior roof access through a roof hatch is essential. Hatches are great at providing a walk-through opening when climbing up to perform component maintenance or repairs or for simply relaxing in your roof patio. For a quality selection of roof hatches that you can choose from, Best Access Doors is a reliable company that you can go to. We have domed hatches in galvanized and aluminum that are popular among builders and designers.

Designed to provide convenient, economical access to the roof of a building, Best Access Doors’ domed roof hatches are ideal for installation. If you want the benefit of a skylight, the Polycarbonate Domes is recommended. Our galvanized and aluminum roof hatch features clear, bronze, white, combination polycarbonate double-skin dome, a stainless steel cover, curb, and/or hardware, louvered curbs, curb mounted units, curb pitch corrected for sloped roof and aluminum construction cover and curb.

Attached to the inside of the cover, the double-skin construction (in box type design) with 1" fiberglass insulation and a continuous EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket provides a  flush, tight fit. Our BA RHADD and BA RHGDD are designed to support a live load of 40lbs./sq. Both of these units have inside and outside padlock provisions.

Get your own domed roof access hatch at an economical price. Waste no time and buy from Best Access Doors today!