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Safety Rails

Getting a new roof hatch also entails ordering the relevant accessories that such as safety rails.  Safety rails are important because they provide extra safety when operating hatches. Moreover,  they are very easy to install. We recommend the Best Access Doors’ roof access door safety rails for both new and retrofit applications. Check out our products and shop them today in our available standard sizes. 

At Best Access Doors, you can find roof hatch safety rails that are designed for all roof hatch applications to assist in making every workspace as safe as possible. When working in high elevations where most roof and ceiling access is found, exercising caution is the key. Our railing system surrounds all sides of the opening. It also has a self-closing spring tension gate that keeps the opening closed after pass through. Opt for safety yellow-painted or available galvanized finish. 

Our BA-RGS also has special components that include steel ASTM 136. Standard rail weights range from 8lbs. to 11lbs. Various lengths are also available to fit multiple sizes of openings. You won’t have to worry when it comes to assembling our safety roof rails-- they can be assembled on-site without the need for special tools! Their designs are compliant with OSHA standards.

Experience easy and hassle-free installation when buying our roof access safety rails. Talk to our company reps now to learn more about our products. For orders and inquiries, don’t forget to give us a call at 1-800-483-0823.

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