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48" x 70" BA-MSTR SAF-T-Rail Standard Retrofit Safety Railing 

Replacing an entire hatch can be expensive, time-consuming, and can delay project completion. It also eliminates valuable features or customizations. Building codes or OSHA regulations may also change, requiring new fall protection standards. The 48" x 70" BA-MSTR SAF-T-Rail Standard Retrofit Safety Railing lets you upgrade without the added cost of a new system.  

The BA-MSTR is a safety railing system designed for existing roof hatches, allowing contractors to upgrade fall protection without replacing the entire hatch. It features universal-size telescoping rails that can be adjusted to fit various hatch sizes, eliminating the need for specific railing systems. The system is easy to install and meets OSHA fall protection standards, making it suitable for commercial buildings. It supports a weight of 200 lbs. and offers two options: a safety railing for smaller hatches and a retractable stair for larger ones.  

Why Should You Use the 48" x 70" BA-MSTR?      

  • Cut Project Costs: The BA-MSTR offers a cost-effective solution for upgrading fall protection without replacing a whole roof hatch, especially for larger or custom-built hatches, saving significant money on materials and labor.  
  • Streamline Your Schedule: The BA-MSTR's quick and easy attachment system reduces downtime by allowing for easy installation of a new hatch without drilling or permanent modifications. The telescoping rails can be adjusted for a perfect fit, allowing for focus on other project aspects.  
  • Preserve Valuable Features: The BA-MSTR provides a solution to replace functional roof hatches with safety railings, preserving unique features and customizations, ensuring a smooth transition, and potentially boosting client satisfaction by enhancing safety without compromising functionality.  
  • Stay Compliant with Confidence: The BA-MSTR offers a cost-effective solution to upgrade existing roof hatches to OSHA regulations, ensuring worker safety and protecting against potential fines or liability issues as building codes and regulations evolve.  
  • Cater to Diverse Needs: The BA-MSTR system provides two options for hatches: a railing-only system for smaller hatches and a service stair for larger ones. This versatile system offers additional access and stability for workers, enabling efficient project completion across a wider range of hatches.  

Product Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 48" x 70" 
  • Installation: Easy installation in minutes with non-penetrating attachments (standard tools required)  
  • Railing Adjustment: Telescoping rails fit all standard single-leaf hatch sizes and many custom sizes  
  • Hatch Compatibility: Installs on existing hatches with cap flashings from any manufacturer  
  • Construction: Durable metal fabrication with a weather-resistant safety yellow powder coat finish over structural aluminum square tubing  
  • Safety: Rail height meets the 42-inch OSHA requirement (ensures worker safety)  
  • Additional Features: Self-closing hinges for security, slotted corner bracket holes for universal compatibility and easy installation, and telescoping rails and gate to fit various hatch sizes  

Important Note: The dimensions listed are the outside measurements of the curb, not the nominal size. The safety rail attaches the gate to open opposite the hinged side of the roof hatch for easy access.  

The BA-MSTR is more than just a safety railing; it's a timesaving, cost-effective way to upgrade your existing roof hatches. Its quick installation, universal fit, and compatibility with various configurations eliminate the need for complex replacements. With its durable build and OSHA-compliant design, the BA-MSTR prioritizes worker safety and long-lasting performance.  

Upgrade your roof hatch safety with confidencechoose BA-MSTR today! Connect with us to request a quote or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions. 



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