Recessed Acoustical Access Door

For insulation and sound control purposes, take advantage of Best Access Doors’ recessed acoustical sound rated access door. This door is ideal to use on acoustical drywall walls where maintaining STC (Sound Transmission Class) and OITC (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class) is required. With its recessed design, it allows a door finish that is similar to the surrounding. We have standard door sizes 12” x 12”, 18” x 18”, 24” x 24”, and 24” x 36”.

Find the sound rated access door you need at Best Access Doors today. Our BA-ACD-2064 model consists of 18 gauge recessed design filled with 1½” thick acoustic mineral liner, 0.11” thick mineral filled vinyl barrier and fitted with 5/8” thick drywall as a finished face. The frame is press bent for strength and rigidity while the drywall taping bead flange is insulated with 1” thick acoustical mineral liner. 

BA-ACD-2064 is tested and evaluated to ASTM: E90(09), ASTM: E413(16), ASTM: E1332(16) and certified to STC Rating 64 and OITC Rating 53. Made of zinc coated steel, this door provides superior corrosion resistance. It comes with a standard lock; screwdriver operated compression latch and optional lock; compression latch with hex head, hex with security pin, square, and triangle. 

Soundproof commercial and residential facilities with this attractive recessed acoustical access panel. You can purchase this product at a budget-friendly price. Call us to order today at 1-800-483-0823!