Air and Water Tight Access Door

Your pipes and wire cables can easily deteriorate when exposed to the weather and the elements. A watertight/airtight access panel can help protect and conceal these outdoor component installations. Shop these panels at Best Access Doors today. We have a wide range of door sizes that you can choose from in order to meet different application requirements.

Available in standard 304 stainless steel with a #4 satin polish or prime coated steel, the BA-ADWT airtight/ watertight access door is a flush access door that has been tested for air infiltration and water penetration. It features a fully-welded and gasketed door and frame which makes this model ideal for use in laboratories, clean rooms, operating rooms, etc. where an airtight/watertight seal is required. 

Special product features include a continuous bulb trim gasket, continuous exposed stainless steel piano hinge, and stainless Steel Phillips head screws standard. No leakage at 15.05 psf – ASTM E 331. 

Available and in stock, our watertight wall access door is perfect for your construction project. What are you waiting for? Purchase and get this product shipped to your address today!