Valve Access Panel

Plumbing systems have valves or controls as vital components. These devices are important in helping control the flow of water throughout the entire building. During emergencies,  getting fast to these valves and turning them off is important to prevent serious water loss. Provide easy and convenient access to valves or controls by installing a valve wall access panel. At Best Access Doors, you can purchase these panels in various sizes and depths, choose from our quality valve box with hidden flange and valve box with window and hidden flange.

Introducing our valve boxes with a hidden flange-- practical and aesthetically pleasing with their beveled door panels. You can choose to have them pre-drilled in order to accept water pipes, gas pipes, and conduits. Both our BA-BTA and BA-BTV models feature 16 gauge cold rolled steel, a concealed, exclusive hinge design, a screwdriver operated cam latch, and DuPont high-quality white powder coat. For the special benefit of a Plexiglass window, choose our BTV model now!

Get help in obtaining your LEED certification by installing these valve boxes from Best Access Doors. Don’t hesitate to call us today for product availability. 

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