108" x 120" Drainable Large Equipment Hatch - H20 Loading

108" x 120"

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108” x 120” Drainable Large Equipment Hatch – H20 Loading   

Whether you seek reliable access solutions for maintenance, inspections, or equipment installation, BA-BFDOHA 108” x 120” Drainable Large Equipment Hatch–H20 ensures comfort and ease. BA-BFDOHA boasts a double-leaf design for maximum clearance space, specifically designed for installation and maintenance access.  

With an H20 load rating for regular pedestrian and light vehicle traffic, as determined by AASHTO standards, BA-BFDOHA allows easy access and a walkable surface to maintain workflows. This cast-in equipment hatch, constructed of lighter-weight, corrosion-resistant aluminum, is suited for exterior use. With a built-in drainage gutter incorporated within its frame, enhanced by diamond tread plating, BA-BFDOHA ensures better footing for a safer environment. 

Take a Closer Look at BA-BFDOHA   

Maximum Clearance Space: BA-BFDOHA makes the most of its massive surface area, enhanced by double doors to maximize available clearance space, perfect for transporting large equipment.   

Built-in Frame Gutter: This model's built-in channels along its frame provide internal drainage. BA-DFDOHA channels water and moisture away from its plating and the surface below. EPDM gaskets provide an exceptional, weathertight seal to enhance its effectiveness.   

Diamond Tread Plating: ¼" diamond tread ensures a strong and secure grip with footwear and tires to minimize the possibility of slips on the worksite.   

Hassle-Free Access: Type 17-7 stainless steel enclosed coils provide smooth and easy access, with hold-open arms to ensure hands-free operation once the doors are released.   

Cast-In Installation: BA-BFDOHA is seamlessly integrated into work sites with 1-inch anchor flanges for a strong, durable, and flush fit within concrete structures.   

H20-Rated: BA-BFDOHA's robust ¼" aluminum frame leaves it fully reinforced and capable of withstanding a maximum load of 16,00-pounds.   


  • Dimensions: 108” x 120”  
  • Material: ¼" mill-finished aluminum   
  • Cover: Diamond tread plate  
  • Frame: Drainable gutter frame with 1" anchor flange, EPDM gasket with 1-½" drainage coupling  
  • Installation: Cast-in   
  • Spring: Enclosed coil, Type 17-7 stainless steel   
  • Hinge: Heavy-duty Type 316 stainless steel   
  • Assistance: Hold-open arms; Type 316 stainless steel   
  • Latch: Slam latch Type 316 stainless steel with inside lever handle, includes removable threaded plug key   
  • Finish: Mill finish with grey primer  

Benefit from safer working conditions, more operational area for maintenance and installations, and H20-rated efficient access with BA-BFDOHA 108” x 120” Drainable Large Equipment Hatch – H20!  

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