12" x 12" Acoustical Tile Panel

12" wide x 12" high

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12" x 12" Acoustical Tile Access Door - Elmdor 

Introducing the BA-AT 12" x 12" Acoustical Tile Access Door – Your Ultimate Solution for Sound Reduction in Commercial Construction! 

Are you seeking an efficient and seamless sound reduction solution for large auditoriums, recording studios, and other commercial spaces? Look no further than the BA-AT Acoustical Tile Access Door from Best Access Doors! Our cutting-edge product complements acoustic tile or gypsum board walls and ceilings, making it the ideal choice for noise reduction in your projects. 

Why Choose BA-AT Acoustical Tile Access Door? 

Flush Installation: The BA-AT Access Door installs flush and virtually concealed into your acoustic tile or gypsum board walls, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Say goodbye to unsightly disruptions in your carefully crafted interior designs. 

Superior Sound Control: Our access door is constructed precisely using 16-gauge galvanized steel for both the door and frame. This sturdy build contributes significantly to sound control, effectively reducing noise transmission within enclosed spaces. 

Versatile Application: The BA-AT Access Door features a 5/8" recess that perfectly accepts acoustical tile or gypsum board, providing flexibility in designing sound-absorbent surfaces. Whether you're outfitting a recording studio, theater, or conference hall, this door will deliver top-notch results. 

Durable & Discreet: We understand the importance of durable construction in commercial environments. Our access door offers unparalleled noise reduction and maintains its resilience over time due to its galvanized steel build. 

Concealed Hinge: The BA-AT Access Door is equipped with a concealed hinge that operates discreetly out of sight, allowing only the sleek metal thickness of the door and frame to be visible. This further enhances the appearance, making it nearly invisible to the naked eye. 


  • Dimensions: 12" x 12" 
  • Door: 16-gauge galvanized steel 
  • Frame: 16-gauge galvanized steel 
  • Lock/Latch: Screwdriver-operated cam latch 
  • Hinge: A concealed hinge that operates out of sight 
  • Finish: Prime coat suitable for painting 
  • Recess Size: 5/8" to accept acoustical tile or gypsum board. 

Lock Options: 

Choose the locking mechanism that best suits your needs: 

Allen Key Latch: This option offers a reliable locking system that can be effortlessly operated with an Allen key for added security and convenience. 

Galvanized Drywall Bead: Enhance the door's stability and fortify the structure with the galvanized drywall bead lock option. 

Cylinder Lock with Dust Shutter: Opt for the cylinder lock with a dust shutter to protect against environmental elements, ensuring your access door performs flawlessly over time. 

Optional Upgrade: 

Upgrade to the stainless-steel construction (Type 304 No. 4 satin finish) for the ultimate blend of durability, modern aesthetics, and sound reduction capabilities. This option is perfect for projects that require enhanced corrosion resistance or a sophisticated appearance. 

Your Sound Reduction Solution 

The BA-AT 12" x 12" Acoustical Tile Access Door is the go-to-choice for commercial construction professionals seeking efficient sound reduction solutions. Its flush installation, superior sound control, and concealed hinge ensure a nearly invisible finish without compromising durability. Choose the BA-AT Access Door for your next project and experience its difference in creating acoustically optimized spaces for recording studios, large auditoriums, and more! 

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