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                                 Best Access Doors BA-PA-3000

                          Plastic Access Door Best Access Doors 

Here we will explore the Best Access Doors BA-PA-3000 Plastic Access Door. These are an excellent choice for areas where you want to conceal the likes of plumbing lines or switches, internet wires and switches, electrical boxes and wiring, and even phone jack areas with their specific type of wiring.  Generally, you do not need a heavy-duty access door for these concealments.  You need to gain access easily and not on a regular basis. The Flush Plastic Access Doors cover this need.  They can be installed in any type of ceiling and wall area, no matter the structural material. 

An access door can be installed in pretty much any space, from human size openings to as small as a small safe size, and everything in between.  Dependent on the requirement, one can opt for heavy duty to just a door to seal an opening.   


Key Features 

  • These doors have a high impact styrene plastic finish with U.V. stabilizers for extra sturdiness 

  • As they are plastic they are not prone to rusting or mold, and will not fade or corrode from too much sun or other light form 

  • They are, however, more ideal for indoor situations 

  • Door sits flush to its frame, which means no protruding and dangerous edges or angles 

  • Completely removable and fits neatly and securely in place with little effort 

  • Equipped with snap latches, which are easy to unlatch and lock, as well as fit  

  • White colored and textured appearance and you can either leave them as they come, or paint them to the desired color of its surroundings 

  • To fit, all you have to do is apply caulking adhesive to the back of the frame, and press into place – so simple 

  • The hinges are removable, as well as concealed, so this makes for a very versatile door 

  • This Flush Plastic Access Door comes in a 12” wide x 12” high size, which is widely popular among home and commercial builders alike, as well as homeowners 

  • They are super economical and very attractive 

Additional and Optional Adhesive Installation Options 

  1. The 5 Oz tube of 16 linear feet of adhesive is in a squeezable container, which does not require a caulk gun to apply download-button.jpg 

  1. The 10 Oz tube of 16 linear feet of adhesive requires a caulk gun to apply but is worth the spend download-button.jpg  

  1. And, we can supply you with the caulk gun as well download-button.jpg  


We have downloadable spec sheets on all of the above adhesives and the caulk gun.  This is your no nails option to fitting your Flush Plastic Access Door. 

download-button.jpg  left-arrow.pngDownload Technical Data / Submittal Sheet (BA-PA-3000)


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