14" x 14" - 2 Hour Fire-Rated Un-Insulated Surface Mount Access Door

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14" X 14" - 2 Hour Fire-Rated Un-Insulated Surface Mount Access Door

Model FDU2RS is designed to maintain the continuity of a fire barrier when installed in a vertical separation. The assembly is manufactured under the factory inspection service of BestAccessDoors and has a label reading: “Listed access frame and fire door assembly. 2 hour fire-rating.  

Materials: Satin nish galvanized (bonderized) steel
Frame: Frame: 1.61mm (16ga)
Frame Depth: “D” = 16mm (5/8”) [Overall Dimension = 13/16”]
Flange: 37mm (17/16”) exterior -ange
Door Panel - Panel: 1.61mm (16ga)
Finishes: The paint nish is an electrostatically applied rust inhibitive prime coat (off-white)
Hinges: Continuous piano hinge.
Panel Closer: The automatic panel closer will close and latch the door from an open position of approximate-ly 90° as required by code.
Latch: The standard factory installed latch is a -ush mount 1/4” allen key. All re-rated locks are self-latching and include an interior latch
release mechanism allowing the doors to be opened from the inside.

 Product Spec Sheet: Product (BA-FDU2RFS)




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