14" x 14" Fire-Rated Insulated Panel with Flange

14" wide x 14" high

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14" x 14" BA-FW-5050 Fire Rated Panel  

Fire-rated access panels are essential for managing heat transfer, preventing fire breaches, and containing fire in a building. They enhance fire safety for occupants, minimize property damage, and improve firefighters' efficiency. Building codes require these panels to ensure specific locations, such as walls and ceilings, and meet building regulations. The 14" x 14" BA-FW-5050 helps contain fire and heat within a localized area, allowing firefighters to focus on extinguishing the fire more effectively.

The BA-FW-5050 is a fire rated access panel that serves as a firewall, heat transfer blocker, and self-contained solution. It has a UL 1-½ hour rating for walls and a Warnock Hersey 3-hour rating for non-combustible ceilings, providing a vital barrier against fire. The 2-inch-thick fire-rated insulation reduces heat transmission, saving time during a fire.

The panel is user-friendly with a concealed hinge, self-closing mechanism, and inside latch release.

Why Should You Use the 14" x 14" BA-FW-5050?  

  • Superior Fire Rating: The BA-FW-5050 prioritizes safety. A UL 1-½ hour rating for walls and a Warnock Hersey 3-hour rating for non-combustible ceilings provides a significant fire barrier, giving occupants precious time to evacuate and firefighters more time to contain the blaze.
  • Enhanced Building Safety: The BA-FW-5050 helps reduce fire damage to your building's structure and contents by minimizing heat transfer and preventing fire breaches through walls and ceilings. This translates to potentially lower costs associated with fire repairs and replacements.
  • Code Compliance and Peace of Mind: Most building codes mandate fire-rated access panels in specific locations. The BA-FW-5050 gives you peace of mind that your building adheres to fire safety standards.
  • User-Friendly Functionality: Fire ratings should not compromise convenience. The BA-FW-5050 offers a user-friendly design with a concealed hinge for aesthetics, self-closing, self-latching features for ease of use, and an inside latch release for quick access when needed.

Product Specifications  

  • Dimensions: 14" x 14" 
  • Material: Steel (white enamal finish); call for pricing for Stainless Steel option
  • Door Thickness: 20-gauge steel
  • Frame Thickness: 16-gauge steel
  • Fire Rating (Walls): UL 1-½ hour "B" label, ULC 2-hour "B" label (max size 36" x 48")
  • Fire Rating (Ceilings): Warnock Hersey International 3 hour (non-combustible ceilings), 1 hour (combustible ceilings) (max size 24" x 36")
  • Insulation: 2" thick fire-rated insulation
  • Hinge: Concealed
  • Latch: Standard self-latching bolt (can be modified for mortise cylinder locks, not included)

When fire rating is paramount, choose the BA-FW-5050 fire-rated access panel. Its exceptional UL-rated fire resistance for walls and Warnock Hersey-rated performance for ceilings create a vital barrier against flames and heat. The 2-inch-thick fire-rated insulation further enhances safety by minimizing heat transfer. This self-contained solution with a concealed hinge and user-friendly features provides exceptional fire protection and seamless functionality.

Do not compromise on safety—ensure your building's peace of mind with the BA-FW-5050. Connect with us to request a quote or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions. 

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