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BA-MAP Plastic Multi-Functional Access Door  

Best Access Doors' BA-MAP model is the building contractors, architects, and interior designers' go-to access panel when they need a durable, easy-to-install, multi-functional access door. The BA-MAP has a pivot-hinged door that allows you to open or swing the board in either direction. Additionally, the removable feature of the panel lets you have full access to the building components concealed behind the walls or ceiling.

The BA-MAP Plastic Multi-Functional Access Door's pivot-hinged door allows you to easily open and close the panel, even if you are behind the access door. This feature gives hassle-free access and provides the building with staff, security personnel, and maintenance and repair team safety access to its interior.

The BA-MAP has a well-thought design that allows the building contractor to install it quickly to the walls or ceilings, as this access door doesn't require heavy equipment. Its design also allows the access door to blend seamlessly with the wall paint or décor.

BA-MAP's non-toxic styrene plastic has exceptional strength, making it a perfect material to protect wiring, cables, and other essential components from rodents and weather conditions.

Additionally, the UV stabilizers component adds durability to the access panel. It protects it from UV rays when installed outside the application, which makes the BA-MAP the perfect access door for outdoor installation.

Like other models, the BA-MAP is also customizable. Best Access Doors can ship your product following the specifications that you need.

Why Install BA-MAP? 

  • Innovative Design
  • Durability
  • Easy Installation 

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