24" x 24" Acoustical Plaster Recessed Panel

24" wide x 24" high

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24" x 24" Recessed Access Door for Acoustical Plaster Walls and Ceilings 

Upgrade your access solutions with BA-AP-5010 24" x 24" Recessed Access Door, the perfect choice for seamless integration with acoustic plaster walls and ceilings. Crafted with precision and durability, this access panel offers a discreet solution while maintaining optimal acoustical integrity. 

Highlights of BA-AP-5010 

Recessed 5/8" door with self-furring galvanized lath ensures seamless integration. 

Expansion casing bead with 3" wide galvanized lath provides a clean, tight finish and reinforcement. 

Concealed, pivoting rod-type hinge allows for silent and smooth operation. 

Durable steel construction with a corrosion-resistant finish ensures long-lasting performance. 

Ideal for various settings, including recording studios, theaters, conference rooms, luxury residences, etc. 

Suitable for: 

Recording Studios: Discreet access to electrical panels, equipment, and wiring. 

Theaters and Auditoriums: Maintaining acoustical integrity while accessing lighting controls and sound systems. 

Conference Rooms: Blending seamlessly into acoustic plaster walls, preserving a professional appearance. 

Art Galleries and Museums: Concealed access to security systems and lighting controls without detracting from aesthetics. 

Luxury Residences: Hidden access to HVAC systems, electrical panels, and plumbing in high-end home interiors. 

Concert Halls: Seamless integration with acoustical plaster while allowing access to mechanical equipment. 

Libraries: Discreet access to utility spaces and book storage, maintaining a peaceful environment. 

Educational Institutions: Concealed access to utilities and maintenance areas without disrupting the learning environment. 


  • Dimensions: 24" x 24" 
  • Material: Steel 
  • Door: 16-gauge recessed 5/8", lined with self-furring galvanized lath 
  • Frame: 14-gauge expansion casing bead with 3" wide galvanized lath, recessed 3/4" to receive plaster 
  • Hinge: Concealed, pivoting rod type (A continuous exposed piano hinge is suggested for wall applications.) 
  • Standard Latch: Flush to surface, Slotted Screwdriver Cam Latch 
  • Optional Latches/Locks: Cylinder lock and key, Allen head cam latch, spanner head cam latch 
  • Finish: Steel - 5-stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of White alkyd baked-on enamel 

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Experience the best in acoustic access solutions with the BA-AP-5010 24" x 24" Recessed Access Door. Trust Best Access Doors for your project needs and elevate your acoustic plaster walls and ceilings to new heights. Upgrade your access solutions today! 

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