Surface Mounted

Water valve problems can be fixed easily if you have quick and easy access to the components. During building renovation projects, you can make your client’s plumbing system by installing durable valve boxes. Best Access Doors is a trusted company to provide these products designed to cater to commercial, residential, and industrial uses. 

At Best Access Doors, we offer a range of surface mounted valve cabinets to provide our clients with options to best suit their needs. Our products come in 6 standard sizes to accommodate different construction needs. The BA-ASVB is perfect if you are aiming to have easy and convenient access to all types of valves and controls that extend outside of the finished wall. It is also provided with a 16 gauge door and a fully enclosed box to protect the valves and controls. This is completely attached to the frame, continuously exposed piano hinge, and a 5 stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of White alkyd baked-on enamel.

The depth of the valve box can also be customized and modified to meet valve and control requirements for your residential or commercial area. Vision panels, louvers, and engraved plates can be supplied along with special holes for pipes or conduits when needed. Available locks and latches include a screwdriver operated cam latch, Allen head cam latch, spanner head cam latch, flush paddle handle, and thumb turn latch.

If you are looking for the perfect valve cabinet surface mounted for your building project, check out our products here at Best Access Doors. We offer our products with durability and quality performance. Avail our products now!