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12" x 22" - Fire Rated Insulated Access Door with Flange

12" wide x 22" high

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The BA-PFI-12-22 access door has an engineered design emphasizing maintaining high safety standards. It includes mineral wool of 2 inches thick, an automated panel closing, and an inner panel release. It conceals gas lines, wiring, and other fixtures while allowing convenient and safe repairs and replacements.

Here are more details about the product:

Material: 16 gauge cold rolled steel frame and 20 gauge galvanneal steel door.

Hinge: Continuous piano hinge.

Insulation: 2" mineral wool.

Inside panel release: Included on all slam latch fire doors.

Lock/latch: Self-latching tool-key operated slam latch and/or ring operated slam latch, both included.

Finish: DuPont high-quality white powder coat.

Automatic panel closer: Standard on all doors.

Packaging: Individually wrapped, 1 per box.

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