Flooring and Access Panels Enhancement Benefits

Flooring and Access Panels Enhancement Benefits

Posted by Best Access Doors on 26th Jun 2019

Access panels are additions to any business, office, or home that can be installed both into floors or walls. They can enhance a space by giving extra storage without jeopardizing the already limited space – they can promote safety and accessibility while still also being aesthetically appealing. Best Access Doors shares flooring options along with access panel enhancements that are suitable for each one.


When it comes to residential and commercial environments, hardwood flooring is a popular choice. While it can be costly, with prices going up to nearly $12 per square footage, based on aesthetics, durability and strength. Depending on the location of the install of hardwood floors, if it is a high traffic area, the hardwood could experience wear and tear, as well as possible fading and scratches. Thankfully though, certain hardwood floors can be repaired with floor products such as varnish and wax. Routine maintenance can also help with prolonging the longevity of the floor.

A hardwood floor can also be considered a base and be decorated with carpet or rugs. For residential purposes, hardwood floors can be cold and hard on the feet; therefore, it is best to be used in areas of exposure to heat and warmth. It is important though to be careful as if hardwood gets wet or the durability is of a lower-grade, the hardwood could expand or warp over time.

Panel Recommendation24 x 24 Flush Aluminum Floor Hatch


A popular choice in residential flooring installs, carpet is a mid-range flooring choice like BA-FT-8080 Removable Floor Panel - 1/8" Recess for Vinyl Tile/Carpet. With square footage costing on average of $5, this flooring type provides comfort and warmth. While a common household choice of flooring – some commercial properties may choose to go with a durable and easy to maintain version of carpet. Commercial carpets are not always the most aesthetically appealing, especially if choosing one on the lower end of costs; however, they do offer to soundproof for floors below as well as they are easy to maintain.

Carpet can also be a choice of flooring that can be combined with other flooring alternatives such as hardwood.

Still concerned about the costs of carpeting – this flooring choice is one that can be installed professionally or not, it is just important to remember that when it comes to carpet, it is recommended that a subfloor is installed.

Panel Recommendation 12 x 12 Removable Floor Door Vinyl/Carpet


Is your client looking for a cost-friendly flooring solution that is durable and can be used in high-traffic areas? The answer is laminate. Costing as low as $0.50 per square footage, laminate floors are a contractor’s recommendation for high traffic areas – commercial or residential. Not only are laminate floors a budget-friendly flooring choice, but they do come in an array of designs and finishes; therefore, you can have a high-end look with a low budget price tag.

Laminate floors are an ideal floor choice of installation in business offices, schools and hall or entrance ways. Caution though, once laminate floors are damaged, it is not as easy to fix or repair the damage, and it will require a complete install of the area that is damaged.

Panel Recommendation12 x 12 Removable Door Recessed

Functionality and Accessibility All-In-One

Choosing a floor type can be overwhelming, especially if various needs and requirements vary from room to room and space to space; however, with Access Doors and Panels, we offer useful tips and information on making a smart choice. From our knowledgeable team, and content, make a decision that will suit any of your projects – commercial or residential.

Looking for an access panel to compliment your floor – may be to enhance or create functionality? Best Access Doors offers an array of panels to suit any floor and project as well. To view our vast array of access panels and useful industry facts and info, visit us at  www.bestaccessdoors.com