How to Keep Hardwood Floors Maintained

How to Keep Hardwood Floors Maintained

Posted by Best Access Doors on 10th Mar 2021

Whenever a person steps inside a commercial building, they would expect that every part looks impressive. Building owners can ensure it is possible by maintaining and repairing everything that gets worn out. One aspect they need to keep regularly is the floors, specifically ones made out of a hardwood.

With the many kinds of flooring you can install, hardwood can make your commercial building stand out. When you use hardwood flooring in your building, you need to know how your maintenance personnel can maintain it. It will help you determine whether they are doing the maintenance right to prevent costly expenses in the long run.

1. Wiping Away Water Spills Quickly

The only downside to installing hardwood flooring is that water can quickly damage it. If you want to avoid replacing the damaged flooring due to water spills, you can implement rules that prevent building tenants from carrying or drinking water near hardwood floors. If a water spill happens, your cleaning personnel should quickly clean it before seeps through and damage flooring. However, some hardwood flooring has oil or lacquer to prevent the water from seeping through the hardwood. But over time, the protective coating will wear out because of the many people walking on it.

2. Preventing Dents and Scratches

Besides cleaning up water spills right away, it would help if you also kept an eye out for factors that could cause scratches and dents on your hardwood flooring. Most of the time, you can never wholly prevent scratches and marks from happening to the flooring, but you can reduce the damage done. One way of doing that is by discouraging people from dragging their shoes when they walk over the hardwood flooring. Usually, outdoor shoes can extensively damage the flooring because of the small rocks and dirt stuck to the shoe’s soles. And if you have furniture pieces and appliances with a sharp and pointed base, you should prevent people from dragging them if they plan to move them. It would be best if you cautioned everyone to lift them when they plan to rearrange the furniture and appliances. If you are too heavy to lift, you can have maintenance personnel install anti-scratch felt protector pads on the base to drag them across the hardwood flooring without causing damage.

3. Proper Cleaning

Your cleaners don’t need to do anything special to clean hardwood flooring. They can sweep the floor using brooms with soft bristle brushes. They need to clean it every day because people bring in dirt from outside frequently. You can also provide them with a vacuum cleaner, but it may cause distraction around the building. Once they remove the small debris, they can wipe the hardwood flooring using a microfiber mop to efficiently remove the stains and marks. A good tip you can provide your cleaners is never to use furniture polish because it will only make the hardwood flooring slippery surface.

Now that you know how to maintain and clean your hardwood flooring correctly, you won’t have to experience any hardwood flooring issues for a long time. Ensure you note the tips mentioned above to ensure you maintain and clean the flooring efficiently to prevent you from frequently calling a contractor to make extensive repairs on the hardwood flooring.