​Innovation and Construction - Materials Shaping the Industry

​Innovation and Construction - Materials Shaping the Industry

Posted by Best Access Doors on 14th Aug 2019

In the world of construction, there are certain materials that continue to be used and dominate; however, there are also some materials that are used because they add a new level of functionality and versatility to a project. Within the industry itself, innovation is not always considered possible, but every day, there are developers, builders and innovators who look to test those boundaries and who are looking to enhance the industry. 

Best Access Doors shares some materials that are shaping the construction industry and how they can benefit upcoming projects.

Self-Healing Concrete

Designed by Dutch engineer Dr. Erik Schlangen, self-healing concrete enables the material to put itself back together. How so? Schlangen demonstrated that when the concrete is broken it can be brought back together with the exposure of heat. This can change the way foundation or buildings are built or designed because it means whenever there is a crack – by simply exposing the concrete to extreme heat, it can melt and seal the crack. 

This material and concept is one of the innovations that Schlangen has come up with, and when it is used on roads, it can be heated with the help of an induction coil. The use of this technology can, for some countries save them millions in infrastructure repairs and upgrades.

Absorbing Bricks

Imagine if you could use a building material that can both help the environment but also be long-term. Absorbing bricks were developed at California Polytech’s architectural and environmental program. The brick is meant to be able to absorb air pollutants and release clean and filtered air. 

Designed in a way that the exterior surface of the brick is able to absorb and release air back means it is both sustainable and makes for a green building. The use of absorbing bricks is designed and built like any other brick used in construction.

Light-Up Cement

Follow the light-up path with light-up cement. Created with the use of river sand, silica, water and alkali, light-up cement uses a similar process to solar panels to emit light. This is considered an innovative technology that makes cement out to be smart cement. Ideal for pathways, swimming pools and parking lots – light-up cement is energy efficient, sustainable and revolutionizing the industry.

Translucent Wood

This particular material is one that has been used in windows and solar panels. Translucent wood is done through removing the veneer which eventually results in this translucent transparent appeal. This is a building material that is deceivingly low-cost to builders and developers as it is a renewable resource and is slowly becoming readily available.

Innovation and Construction

The construction industry has been benefitting with the creation of innovative tools that make the building process both easier and safer. When it comes to building materials – this aspect of construction is one that does not necessarily get a lot of attention and focus on, as for centuries many of the world’s free-standing buildings have stood the test of time. 

Best Access Doors has listed some of the materials and technology that is changing the way we build and see design and architecture. For more on the ways technology and innovation are changing the construction industry, visit us at www.bestaccessdoors.com/blog