Why You Should Maintain Your Building's Electrical Equipment

Why You Should Maintain Your Building's Electrical Equipment

Posted by Best Access Doors on 27th May 2020

Why You Should Maintain Your Building's Electrical Equipment

When you're an owner of a commercial building, keeping your electrical equipment is very important and, at the same time, a big responsibility. It would be best to keep in mind that all your maintenance must be planned efficiently for both economic and energy efficiency purposes. Moreover, almost all safety electrical equipment used continuously will require a lot more care than those rarely used.

When talking about electrical maintenance it refers to the upkeep and preservation of equipment and systems supplying electricity to a residential, commercial, or industrial building. Electrical maintenance is usually the responsibility of the building owner or manager of the place. This kind of maintenance ordinarily includes the scheduled inspection of large systems and equipment by a professional electrician. The purpose of this is to fix small problems before they grow into more significant issues. Maintenance of electrical equipment is particularly essential at plants, factories, hospitals, and restaurants that rely heavily on these systems for their daily operations. It is why maintenance of a commercial building's electrical equipment should be part of the maintenance checklist.

If you're a commercial building owner or an electrician who wants to learn more, it would be best to read on to know these four reasons that we compiled for you. It might help convince you even more to maintain your building's electrical equipment.

Preventive Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Implementing this form of maintenance can help significantly reduce equipment breakdowns. There are different kinds of electrical equipment found in all buildings. You have the lights, small and major appliances, HVAC systems, computers, IT equipment, and everything else that requires electricity to run. Employees and other people use them every single day, which is why it's an apparent reason why there's a need to have these maintained. It would be best to keep in mind that preventing electrical issues is always the best than fixing it when it's already damaged or completely broken.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Whenever you contact the building's maintenance personnel, they already have a program planned to effectively do preventative maintenance on all electrical equipment. Typically, they would do these programs daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how large the building or how people use the facility. Commercial buildings that function 24/7 will need a preventive maintenance program.

Avoiding Costly Expenses

Conducting an effective electrical maintenance program will help you avoid costly expenses in case of business disruption and lost profit caused by your electrical system's failure. It is the main reason why building owners should have their electrical equipment maintained as best as possible.

Avoid Work Delays

A small electrical failure, on average, could cause a minimum of six hours of interruption. Such 6 hours of disruption is already bad for your business. Even if large commercial buildings have their electrical generators, it still won't be used if the electrical damage is within the building's electrical equipment. Turning on these generators would cause even more damage. More damage would mean more money spent on general repairs, which is not suitable for the business.

Prevent Human Casualties

Over time, some specific electrical equipment is typically prone to exposure, especially to unaware bystanders, such as an open electrical outlet. If they're not careful of it and accidentally touch it, it can shock and injure them. Moreover, a more significant problem lies if their injuries are worse, they have the choice of whether or not to sue the owner of the building.

For offices that have work areas, you might have come across an open wire that's exposed. Even though there's no electrical current running through it anymore, it can still pose a threat, such as making people trip and fall over it. You should never take an office injury lightly because it can also represent either the building owner or the company you're working for. People who don't work at the building might think that they don't care for people there.

So if you're ever a building owner, you should never take any electrical equipment issue for granted. It can cause you plenty of problems without you even knowing it.


The electrical distribution and control system is the heart of any business facility but is often the most under-appreciated utility. Imagine not having a reliable source of electrical power-- your business operations would not be possible. If you neglect the maintenance of your electrical equipment for an extended period, it will inevitably lead to expensive emergency repairs and equipment failures. Moreover, it is even more dangerous to your life, others' lives, and your property.

Your electrical generators, switches, outlets, and circuit breakers should be checked regularly for stable connections and intact wiring. To guarantee the steady, uninterrupted flow of electricity in your building, you need to have the electrical equipment maintenance performed by licensed industry professionals. They use various hand tools, including pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, conduit benders, and knives. If they find some specific areas of concern in your building's electrical system, they would do an even more intensive inspection and address the problems before they grow more challenging and cause disruption in your business.

Lastly, always call a professional to do your preventive electrical equipment maintenance. Professional electricians are the ones who can do a thorough inspection of your building. Avoid doing DIY jobs when it comes to your electrical equipment. You might be able to disable something and cause a problem instead of implementing preventive measures. It is more vital that you ensure your property's safety and your employees' or family's lives- even more than ensuring that your business runs smoothly.

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