​Food For Thought - Plastic or Metal Access Panel

​Food For Thought - Plastic or Metal Access Panel

Posted by Best Access Doors on 15th May 2019

​Food For Thought - Plastic or Metal Access Panel

Debating on which type of access panel to go with? Maybe you aren't sure if there are any noticeable differences between metal and plastic access panels?

There is a vast difference between metal and plastic access panels. There is enough of a difference between plastic and metal panels that can not only impact the functionality but also the safety of the panel - dependent on where it is located and installed. No matter the type of project, whether it is commercial or residential, there are a couple of criteria to consider with whilst choosing to either go with a plastic or metal access panel.



When it comes to metal access panels, they are much more durable than plastic. They can be installed either on the interior or exterior of a build. Some metal access panels alone offer specific benefits – from being anti-rust and anti-corrosive to fire resistant. Unlike its counterpart plastic access panels, metal access panels offer greater versatility when it comes to functionality.

Typically, an access panel is installed to allow for access and concealment of HVAC units, wiring and more – going with a metal access panel allows for both accessibility and concealment. Take, for example, a HVAC access door – these installations allow for routine maintenance, easy access and proper concealment. Most industrial and commercial buildings will require these units to be hidden and secured, with a requirement that the material is made of metal – this easily can be achieved. Not only that, but metal access panels will serve its purpose for quite some time.


Looking for a cost-friendly, easy, and quick install? Plastic panels are an excellent choice for those looking to add functionality in their homes or businesses. Plastic access panels are an alternative solution when it comes to looking for wall or ceiling application. Plastic access panels are typically installed in places that there will not be exposed to extreme heat and/or possible condensation/water exposure.


Clients who are looking for a clean, sleek and aesthetically appealing look will go with a plastic access panel; however, that isn’t always possible; therefore, Best Access Doors offers alternative materials for access panels. Aesthetically, clients like to go with access panels which will not only be concealed but will maintain functionality – which sometimes can be difficult. Some access panels allow for this to be achieved, typically with the use or install of a drywall or plaster access panel.

One thing to consider however when it comes to access panels is determining what is more critical – aesthetics or functionality. Sometimes, clients would rather have a solution that maximizes and creates ease of function and accessibility over aesthetics.


Metal access panels – depending on their main purpose, it can be much costlier than plastic access panels given that the overall quality and durability is much longer-lasting than plastic. It is essential to consider the purpose of the access panel and the importance of its longevity and durability under certain conditions. Sometimes this is a question that is not always easy to answer, however at Best Access Doors, we offer knowledgeable representatives who can help you determine which is the best access panel that is suitable for your requirements. Whether it is for the short term or long term, Best Access Doors offers an array of access panels to suit any budget for any project.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine which material for the access panel is a best way to go – or maybe it’s that there is so many to choose from that it is hard to determine whether all one's needs can be met. Thankfully, Best Access Doors has an inventory of access panels to suit any project – but more importantly, we break it down from purpose, material and price point so you can make the best-informed decision but also see what is available to you.

Don’t be intimidated or don’t be unsure – visit us at www.bestaccessdoors.com and see all the possibilities that we can offer you and your project today.