Steps to Choosing the Right Access Panel/Door

Steps to Choosing the Right Access Panel/Door

Posted by Best Access Doors on 21st Dec 2017

Steps to Choosing the Right Access Panel

Sometimes when we talk about deciding what kind of access panel to install in your home or office, it can be challenging to choose. Access panels serve a different purpose from any other regular doors we have in our office and house. We cannot decide only through its material and color. Instead, we need to figure out if any building code requirements apply, its purpose in the building, where this door will go, and the specific location.

Access doors can hide openings both on the floor and wall because of their versatility. It also serves as a sound barrier or soundproof insulation. With so many options, it can be hard to determine which door will best fit your needs.

Step #1: Ask Yourself: Why Do I Need an Access Door?

Before you decide what kind of access door you will purchase, it is essential to consider the purpose of the door itself to avoid installation problems. For example, you want to have a general access panel. But the one that fits your need is a fire-rated access door, and installing a general access panel is very different from installing a fire-rated access door.

When installing a fire-rated access panel will affect the material, whether on the wall or floor. The most important thing is that it will provide an aesthetic impact on your entire wall or floor. If you are not sure about the correct location to install your panel door or what kind of access panel may suit your needs, contractor experts and specialists can help you determine the type of access panel you need. And will help you to identify the exact location where to be installed.

Identifying your panel door purpose will help you narrow down the available options. Access panel specialists can recommend the best access door and materials that are suitable to meet your needs.

Step #2: Determine the Right Material

It is essential to pick the right access panel and material that meet your needs, just like identifying the primary purpose of your panel door. You also need to consider the wall or floor material. For example, you need to install an exterior access panel, do not choose, or someone will not recommend an external access panel that is made from a non-water-resistant material as it can result in rust, mold, and mildew build-up. Choose the access panel made from aluminum to prevent any corrosion and withstand any possible exterior elements like rain or snow.

Material makeup will help you determine whether it is fire-resistant or soundproof transmission rating materials you need. If you are looking for a panel door to prevent a sound transmission and the intent of muffling, considering materials is very important.

Step #3: Look at Options

There are so many access panels and doors that allow you to select a comprehensive and detailed option. Here are a few of those options but not limited to:

  • PLASTIC ACCESS PANELS: These are the less expensive and the best alternative for those who are looking to fill a vacant part in their wall
  • PLASTER ACCESS PANEL: plaster over the frame to give the wall and door a unique and natural finish.
  • HVAC ACCESS PANELS: these panel doors provide easy access to HVAC units; all access panels at Best Access Doors meet the standard requirements in building codes.
  • FIBERGLASS PANELS: these doors are typically recommended for exterior panel door use, though they can be intimidating to other people. Fiberglass panels aesthetically replicate the look of wood material, and it is incredibly durable.

Though these are just a few options, access panels and doors come in a wide variety of shapes, purposes, and sizes. And it could be overwhelming if you don’t have the correct information and not sure what type of access panels will suit your needs. Identifying the purpose of the access door you need will help you to narrow down your selection.

Step #4: Determine the Location

You have to assess the clearance or space location and purpose of the access panel you want to install; having the information will give you the chance to pick the best that suits your need.

Knowing the space and how big the hole for the access panel in your wall or flooring is essential to ensure the actual frame size will fit snugly, and the wall opening has enough space for it. You can seek help from an access panel specialist who will provide you with correct info on every measurement if you are unsure about it.

Step #5: Buy From a Reputable Supplier

Once you have all the information you need, shopping in a certified and qualified access door shop means buying with confidence. Best Access Doors specializes in selling various access panels from soundproof, fire-rated, insulated, and non-insulated access panels. Their knowledgeable and informative staff will ensure your confidence in buying the right and the best stuff.

Having the information about the purpose of your access panel beforehand will allow the access panels specialist to help you further with your needs.