How to Soundproof a Room Efficiently

How to Soundproof a Room Efficiently

Posted by Best Access Doors on 24th Mar 2021

How to Soundproof a Room Efficiently

Most commercial buildings need to avoid the loud noises generated from outside, especially for offices. Usually, you can find commercial buildings situated in loud, noisy, and busy areas such as downtown and business areas. If you own a commercial building, you need to make sure you soundproof most areas if you don’t want the people inside giving you complaints.

Some building tenants soundproof each room of their occupied units or floors to ensure staff and employees won’t get distracted. Usually, you can hire several contractors to do the soundproofing in your building. Here are the several ways you can do to soundproof a building room efficiently.

Installing Wall Hangings

Commercial buildings often have walls made of drywall, tile, and plaster. You need to know that these types of surfaces can amplify and reflect sounds, which can be a nuisance whenever you’re holding a meeting or talking to several people. Usually, you can’t completely replace the entire surface, so the only option you have is to install wall hangings.

In most cases, employees and staff would hang thick blankets, quilts, and other makeshift sound-damping covers that they would hang on the walls. But if you don’t want to ruin your office’s aesthetics, you should consider installing sound-absorbing panels on the walls. The sound dampens because of the several materials inside the panels, such as dense polyester fiber, cork, and soft foam rubber. It is an efficient method building owners can significantly reduce sound in a room.

Installing Door Weather Stripping

What most building owners don’t know is that contractors rarely install weather stripping on interior doors. Everyone can hear faint outside noises without it-- and it can still become annoying for employees working inside your building. If your building doesn’t have weather stripping yet, don’t think twice about installing one right away.

You can contact contractors to install the door weather strippings on some or all of your doors to ensure no sound will ever enter a room. Most of the time, the contractors would install felt since it is one of the most effective and affordable soundproofing ways. Another type of weather stripping that contractors can use is under-door draft stoppers to install to the bottom of your door to seal the gap.

Window Treatments

You will never find a window type that can altogether prevent noise from passing through the other side. If your building still has old window types, you should expect that outside noise can easily pass through. Some interior designers may tell you to install noise-reducing curtains to add a layer of soundproofing between you and the window. Apart from effectively soundproofing a room, it can also block sunlight better because of its thick, heavy drapes.

If you have enough budget, you have the option to install window inserts. Most modern commercial buildings have them because of how they can drastically reduce noise without soundproofing curtains. Contractors will install the window inserts to the inside of the existing window.

Soundproofing a building will require you to pay more, but the results will make it worth it. Once you soundproof your commercial building’s rooms effectively, you should expect an increase in employee satisfaction.

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