Mythbusters: Your Roof Edition

Mythbusters: Your Roof Edition

Posted by Best Access Doors on 16th Sep 2020

Mythbusters: Your Roof Edition

Owning either a home or a commercial space does not immediately mean that you know everything about managing your building. So when you ask yourself, “What do I know about roofing?” The most probable answer is that your little knowledge about your roof could still have holes in it. Unlike other necessities such as paper towels, milk, or bread, a roof is something that home or building owners will only purchase once in their lifetime. For this reason, there are many myths about roofing, which can be dangerous if you assume that you already know everything.

When people make decisions based on myths, they are most likely to experience costly problems that are, but not limited to, structural damage, leaks, and poor maintenance. If you leave these issues unaddressed, the various minor roofing problems that you have will become larger over time. Because of these many misconceptions associated with roofing, we have decided to write a blog that will demystify the world of roofing and clear up any myths that you might have believed.

Myth No. 1: Modern roofs last longer.

Whether it is commercial, industrial, or residential, roofs are not permanent. One myth that many people believe in is that modern roofs can last longer. While modern roofing materials are actually more durable, the life of a typical roof doesn’t last longer than 30 years, especially if it’s in an industrial environment. Fortunately, with regular maintenance, you can add more years to your roof’s expected useful life.

Myth No. 2: No maintenance for new roofs.

Any functional roofing system needs to have proper maintenance, regardless of its age. This is true even for a newly-installed roof. In order to avoid expensive repairs in the future, you have to ensure to hire someone to do inspections on your new roof for minor damages. If you keep neglecting your new roof, the shorter service life it will have. Hence, you have to contact a reliable roofing contractor that will regularly maintain your roof.

Myth No. 3: Pressure washers will do the trick.

Keep in mind that every season can affect the health of your roof. For instance, the autumn season usually brings plenty of leaves to your roof, making it dirty. The rainy season likewise produces moisture and mold-growth. With the dirt accumulating on your roof, you might think a pressure washer can solve the problem. Yes, it’s a good idea to wash your car using a pressure washer, but don’t use it on your roof because it can damage the tiles and eventually cause water to seep beneath the tiles. For doing this job safely, we recommend the use of a regular garden hose.

Myth No. 4. Damaged shingles are replaceable with new shingles.

So, try to imagine a situation where there’s a small leak in your roof, and instead of calling a roofing contractor, you plan to do a DIY job. Repairing minor faults is okay for some DIY jobs, but replacing damaged shingles with new ones can make the problem bigger. Furthermore, if you nail down a few shingles without proper sealant, you are more likely to create more holes on your roof. Take our advice-- let an expert examine your damaged roofing components to have them properly repaired.

Myth No. 5: It’s good enough to cover.

Do you think more shingles are better? If your roof has a hole, can’t you just cover it up? Unfortunately, a leak doesn’t just affect the shingles because it can also impact the sheathing. Covering up is like putting a band-aid on your roof, and covering up the problem is not addressing the full scale of the damage. Do your building a favor and remove the old roofing before you put the new roof on.

Myth No. 6: Your roof is independent from the rest of your building.

Your roof consists of an integrated system that includes the interior of your building and other exterior structures such as gutters. Once a part of the system malfunctions, the entire system can fail. For example, too much insulation or poor attic ventilation can cause rotting from the interior of your building. Gutters that back up with water or ice can also cause problems for your roof.

Myth No. 7: Similar-looking roofs are similar.

Materials such as metal, tile, clay, and asphalt, also have variations. When you work on a project with a roofing company, it is advisable to go over your structure's specific needs. A good example is that you could look for shingles that specifically resist rainfall and mold if you live in a wet climate.

Myth No. 8: For a long time, new roofs are maintenance-free.

How blissful could this idea be, only if it weren’t so untrue? Although recent advances in technology, materials, and applications have contributed a lot to make more durable roofs, there is still no such thing as a 20-year, maintenance-free roof that exists yet.

Myth No. 9: All shingles are just the same.

This is another myth that we’re busting today-- All shingles aren't the same. There are different brands and types of shingles that offer different sustainability options, purpose, and warranties. You can choose from fiberglass-reinforced products to those that can withstand up to 100+ mph.

Myth No. 10: If there are no leaks, then there is no problem.

Following the logic that cough isn’t the only indication that you could be sick, a leak is also not the only way to measure your roof’s health. In reality, some roofs are actually in major disrepair but don’t have a single leak. To avoid these issues, you should follow this key step: roof maintenance.


Believing in the above roofing repair and maintenance myths will contribute to the destruction of your roof. That’s why Best Access Doors recommends the best way-- to inspect your roof regularly. Moreover, although we don’t totally discourage you from doing a DIY roof repair and maintenance job, you should contact a professional roofer in case of leakage, broken tiles, or any other roofing-related problem.

If you ever need to read and learn more about roofs, you can visit https://www.bestaccessdoors.com/blog/.

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