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Points to Consider When Choosing The Right Commercial Floor Tiles

Points to Consider When Choosing The Right Commercial Floor Tiles

Posted by Best Access Doors on 24th Nov 2021

Points to Consider When Choosing The Right Commercial Floor Tiles

Commercial buildings need proper care and attention if you want them to appear fantastic. Other building owners rely on their contractors so much that they overlook the whole construction process. Some might think that giving them the plan is enough and that everything can go as planned.

It's always best that you involve yourself throughout the entire construction process to foresee whatever happens. At one point, contractors might choose the wrong materials like the commercial flooring tiles for your building. If you're very specific about choosing the perfect floor tiles, let Access Doors and Panels give you a quick guide to achieve it.

1. Always Consider the Durability

Before choosing tile sizes for floors, you first have to consider their durability. You don't want to install floor tiles that break right away after a few months of using them because you'll have to go through the hassle of buying and replacing them. You can find different durable floor tiles that will fit perfectly in your building, like porcelain and ceramic.

You can determine whether the floor tile has excellent durability by checking the PEI scale's rating system. The scale ranges between Class 1 and 5, wherein one is the least resistant and five is highly resistant to abrasion. You should always go for tiles with a Class 3 or larger PEI scale because of the significant foot traffic your floors will experience every day. Most residential owners will prefer Class 1 or 2-floor tiles since houses don't gain a lot of foot traffic.

2. Determine the Size

Another tip you have to keep in mind when choosing tiles for a commercial building is knowing what size you need. Choosing the wrong size can cause significant delays in your construction process because your contractors will have to deliver it back and wait for the correct size to arrive.

Some contractors might recommend that you get sizes ranging from 3/8" mosaics to 5'x10' porcelain tiles. Keep in mind that the size can affect the room's proportions. Choosing larger sizes can make the area more extensive, while smaller floor tiles can give the impression of a smaller space.

3. Pick the Suitable Colors

Colors can significantly affect how people feel when they step inside your building. It can impact the person's mood, so your tiles need to give off a color that radiates positivity. Note that choosing suitable colors can improve your employee's overall work productivity, so choose strategically.

If you want to create a calming office environment, you have greater chances of achieving that when you pick calming blue or restful green tile colors. You can go for standard colors like grey or white, giving off a peaceful vibe. You can bring more positive energy into the office with bright colors like red, yellow, pink, or blue.

4. Choose Floor Tiles That Generate Less Noise

Remember that floor tiles in offices will generate a ton of noise, especially when people wear work shoes with thick soles. It can also become a problem for sneakers because floor tiles can cause them to squeak loudly, and you want to minimize the noise in office spaces. Fortunately, you have the option to go for luxury vinyl tiles that dampens noise significantly because of the sound-insulating underlayment.

5. Choose Easy-to-Clean Floor Tiles

You have to think about the floor tile's cleaning requirements before you decide to use it for your commercial building. Cleaning personnel will appreciate it when you choose ones that they can clean without a problem. Floor tiles that take a while to clean might negatively affect the building's cleaning schedule. Your building cleaners might not be able to clean them on time, or they can get in the way of people passing by. You can avoid potential injuries or tenant complaints by choosing easy-to-clean and maintain floor tiles.

Ensure your commercial building doesn't have any imperfections by installing the best floor tiles, and you can do that by remembering the different tips mentioned above. You can always talk with your contractors about which floor tiles will work best in specific areas, ensuring nothing will go wrong with the decision-making.

Is your building still in the construction process? Best Access Doors can provide you with excellent products like aesthetic access doors with hidden flange that can go well with your fantastic floor tiles. Give us a call at 1-800-483-0823 to learn more about our products. You can also visit Best Access Doors, where you can view them and check their details. 

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