The Professionals Guide to Unlocking 7 Hidden Spaces with Access Doors

The Professionals Guide to Unlocking 7 Hidden Spaces with Access Doors

Posted by Best Access Doors on 27th Sep 2023

In construction and renovation, there's a special allure to the unseen, the concealed, and the enigmatic. Behind walls and under floors, tucked away like forgotten treasures, lie secret spaces waiting to be unveiled. Imagine opening a door and stepping into a hidden realm where crawlspaces, attics, cold storage units, under-deck areas, and the concealed pockets within walls harbor untapped potential.

For those in commercial construction, home building, and the renovation trade, these covert spaces are more than mere voids; they're opportunities to convert the mundane into the remarkable. So, gear up and join us on a voyage of discovery as we unveil the top seven concealed spaces that can be revealed through access doors.

Hidden Space #1 - Crawlspaces: Below the bustling surfaces of our living spaces, crawlspaces often go unnoticed. These tight, dimly lit niches house more than meets the eye. By strategically placing access doors, crawlspaces can metamorphose into innovative hubs. Imagine repurposing these spaces into compact storage nooks, cozy wine cellars, or even discreet hideouts for valuables.

Suggested Crawlspace Access Door: Consider the BA-DWK L-shaped Insulated Crawl Space Door for easy and secure access. It's ideal for functional and aesthetic access to crawl spaces, storage rooms, and closed-off stairwells. These knee-high access doors maximize the energy efficiency of your buildings, boasting insulation with an R-value of 5.2. BA-DWK is elegantly crafted of veneered high-density pinewood and is environmentally friendly, pest resistant, and easy to maintain. BA-DWK offers you convenience in placement and installations, and you can apply this space-saving access door for either left or right swinging directions in vertical walls.  

Hidden Space #2 - Attics: Above, nestled beneath the roofline, attics beckon with latent potential. Access doors leading to these elevated chambers unlock a panorama of possibilities. Convert lofts into personal theaters, private studios, or serene reading alcoves. For commercial construction professionals, turning attics into distinct office spaces can cultivate creativity and heighten productivity.

Suggested Attic Access Door: Maintain an insulated attic and reduce energy bills with our BA-ATC50-LK Insulated Attic Access Door with Locking and a stellar R-rating 50. It features a robust 10-inch-thick door core constructed of expanded polystyrene for maximized insulation and efficiency. With triple gasketing provided to prevent draft airflow for further reinforcement, our insulated attic access door limits the diffusion of dust, debris, and other contaminants throughout your spaces.   

Hidden Space #3 - Cold Storage: Beneath functional surfaces, cold storage spaces linger in obscurity, awaiting a metamorphosis. With the right access door, these subterranean enclaves can evolve into impressive wine cellars, eco-conscious root cellars, or imaginative workspaces that stay cool amidst sweltering temperatures.

Suggested Cold Storage Access Door: Equip your cold storage with a BA-FRI access door. Its insulated core ensures temperature control, making it ideal for creating functional complex storage spaces. On top of that, it's fire-rated.

Hidden Space #4 - Under-Deck Areas:An often-overlooked expanse awaits underneath outdoor decks. Seamlessly integrating access doors into deck design can lead to concealed havens – envision peaceful garden retreats or petite outdoor kitchens. For renovation specialists, transforming these sub-deck spaces is akin to turning a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

Suggested Exterior Access Door: Opt for the BA-AHD-SS stainless steel access door. Its corrosion resistance ensures durability, making it a fitting choice for outdoor applications like under-deck spaces.

Hidden Space #5 - Concealed Wall Pockets: Walls, stalwart guardians of architecture, harbor tales untold. Through well-placed access doors, the mysteries within can be laid bare. Convert these concealed voids into intelligent storage solutions, covered home offices, or whimsical children's play zones. For home builders, such covert spaces offer innovative ways to optimize utility and charm.

Suggested Wall Access Door: Look for access panels designed for seamless integration, like the BA-AHD flush access door. Its discreet finish ensures it melds with the wall's appearance. It's also the sturdiest door on the market!

Hidden Space #6 - Sub-Floor Spaces: Beneath our feet lies a trove of often-overlooked potential – the space beneath the floor. Utilizing innovative floor panels, this concealed domain can become a functional wonderland. Envision transforming this hidden expanse into discrete storage, an efficient home heating system, or even an undercover play area for youngsters. For commercial construction experts, this underutilized terrain offers a chance for efficient utility management.

Suggested Floor Access Panel: The BA-PPA-RE Recessed Aluminum Floor Hatch is designed for practicality. Its ability to accommodate different floor coverings presents a versatile solution for accessing under-floor spaces.

Hidden Space #7 - Rooftops: Rooftops often remain uncharted territory above the hustle and bustle. Roof hatches and opening skylights can transform these overlooked expenses into relaxation retreats, flourishing gardens, or outdoor event venues. Contractors and builders can harness this untapped arena to cultivate green roofs, championing sustainability.

Suggested Roof Access Hatch: Opt for a safe and reliable roof hatch like BA-TRH that provides a secure entry point for rooftop access. Alternatively, consider installing a BA-RHGDD galvanized domed roof hatch that also serves as a skylight to enhance illumination and ventilation while forging a link between indoor and outdoor realms.

In the world of construction and renovation, the focus is no longer solely on visible spaces. Concealed realms are emerging as untapped avenues for imaginative and functional expansion. Access doors serve as gateways, inviting professionals to think beyond convention and embrace innovation.

Access doors are keys to unlocking hidden potential, so follow your curiosity. Explore the hidden spaces behind walls, beneath decks, and within crawlspaces.

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