Access Panels and Flooring Choices

Access Panels and Flooring Choices

Posted by Best Access Doors on 13th Mar 2019

Choosing a type of floor can require the same amount of decision making and consideration as choosing an access panel. Best Access Doors shares both the pros and cons of common flooring types and how an access panel can enhance the flooring.


For some, carpet is often perceived as a flooring choice in residences; however, carpet can also be found in commercial properties. This type of flooring is one that offers both pros and cons. When it comes to the installation, it can be, and in a way, it can be used to mask the installation of insulation. Not only can it conceal insulation, but carpet can also disguise any floor access panels.

With carpet one of the benefits is that when installed it can act as a means of soundproofing the floor from sound transferring, while also keeping a space warm and climate.

The cost of going with carpet flooring can vary from the material and style. On average, they can go up to nearly $5 per square foot, not including professional installation. With carpets, the installation can be done both professionally and as a do-it-yourself; however, it is essential that when installing carpet not to forget the subfloor.


A common choice of flooring for both commercial and residential places is hardwood flooring. While it is a common choice, it can also be a costly one as well – with the minimum cost per square footage started at $3 and as much as $12 per square footage. Depending on the durability of the wood choice, it can impact the wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas. When hardwood flooring starts to wear and tear, it can be varnished when it is starting to look to fade; therefore, maintenance is essential to consider when installing or choosing a panel.

The benefit of hardwood though is that it is easy to install and maintain in terms of cleaning. Similar to the carpet, they can vary in style as well. The placement of an access panel on a hardwood floor can be disguised with the lining of the panels.


The installation of tile can sometimes be considered a very 50’s style, and to some, they are perceived as being cheap and ill-quality; however, they can be just as expensive as hardwood floors. They are similar to wood flooring in that there are options to choose from, and they are versatile. When it comes to tiles, it is hard to consider the use of an access panel given their material make.

Tile installation is typically installed in bathrooms and kitchens due to their water resistance and ability to be durable and sustain the often humid and wet environment.

While tiles are a cost-friendly solution, one factor to consider before installation is where, as they can get extremely cold if done in an unheated area. Installing a heating system separate from a home, office or business system can get extremely expensive – a solution to cold tiles would be to have carpets in some areas.


Client’s looking for a cost-friendly flooring choice would get the recommendation to purchase laminate. Costing anywhere from $0.50 to $3 per square foot, a flooring laminate can provide a cost-friendly solution. Durable, laminate flooring can be installed in high traffic areas.

For those who are looking for that expensive look but don’t want to spend the money can rest assured that with a laminate floor and their design, they can offer high end finishing with a cost-friendly price, the laminate is a choice solution. In a way, this is why laminate makes an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as hallways, or offices.

The downfall laminate as a flooring choice is that once it is damaged, it can’t be replaced as quickly as other flooring choices. Laminate floors that are destroyed must be replaced entirely.

Flooring Smartly 

When it comes to flooring, their ability to be installed both professionally and independently means that they can be modified to suit the needs of any client. Working on a budget? Floors come in materials to suit any budget and purpose.

Make an informed decision with your floor hatches choice like BA-FT-8050-SL Floor Door that will blend in with the surrounding floor material. 

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