Find Out 3 Clever Ways to Protect from Injury on the Construction Site

Find Out 3 Clever Ways to Protect from Injury on the Construction Site

Posted by Best Access Doors on 20th Feb 2024

Nothing is more sobering than a workplace incident on the construction site, which is among the most severe of any profession. With around 150,000 injuries on construction sites every year, they are a daily occurrence—sometimes on multiple occasions. According to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries data for 2022, 5,486 of these injuries were fatal.

No matter how iron-clad you may think your safety precautions and procedures are, the potential for danger is always there—requiring a novel and innovative approach to saving lives. Keep reading Best Access Doors’ top three clever tips for protecting your workers and keeping them safe, healthy, and productive.

#1 Conducting Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Sessions

Fatalities due to falls, slips, and trips increased by 1.8% from 850 to 865—making these incidents one of the leading causes of fatalities in the sector. The data emphasizes the need for improved safety awareness programs for operating on elevated platforms such as scaffolding, aerial work platforms, towers, and rooftop maintenance and inspection sites.

Incidents are most prevalent among workers between ages 25 to 65 and above, who have maintained the highest rates of incidents from 2018 until 2022. Although this demographic comprises the majority of the sector, it also suggests that these workers are set in their ways and may be less receptive to change. As a result, their knowledge of updated procedures and best practices may be taken for granted or ignored altogether—resulting in more incidents.

The vicious cycle can be addressed with mandatory Job Safety Analysis (JSA) sessions. JSA examinations involve the active participation of workers in going through their daily routines while identifying potential risks and hazards. For example, does your workplace have a standard operating procedure for safe egress onto rooftops? Developing a standardized approach to completing daily tasks is far more interactive, applicable, and engaging than training sessions conducted in classroom settings.

By establishing best practices and standard operating procedures based on input from the workers who are performing the demands on the job, you can easily identify and control risks and hazards. The established procedures based on the opinions of senior crew members will also demonstrate that their voices are heard and valued.

55% of workers believe they need more training, even though training and certifications may be mandatory for the position in the first place. A collective approach such as a JSA involves the entire crew, and the collaborative effort strengthens your team’s dynamic while also beefing up your safety procedures, protocols, and prevention efforts.

#2 Using Superior PPE and Safety Accessories

Incidents related to installations, maintenance, and repair experienced a general decrease of 9.2%, and this data provides a ray of hope among the clouds. Over time, more established safety procedures contribute to safer work conditions—however, the data maintains that elevated installations still pose a major risk to worker safety.

According to the National Safety Council, 67% of construction workers feel that their employers prioritize their productivity over their safety. This may include an inadequate investment in high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety accessories.

Proper equipment, such as fall arrest harnesses with lanyards, helmets, high visibility vests, and gloves, is essential for physical protection. They can be the difference between a minor injury and a fatality, requiring no expense to be spared.

Better yet—using safety equipment such as the BA-RGS Roof Hatch Safety Rails by Best Access Doors provides an OSHA-approved solution for rooftop access. This model provides 360° protection with a self-closing gate in an easily identifiable high-visibility yellow.

BA-RGS is easily installed on site, with basic tools—while being lighter and easily transported for onsite application. BA-RGS comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs while ensuring a highly secure, sturdy grip and allowing safe egress to elevated platforms such as rooftops and ceilings.

#3 Following a Routine Inspection and Maintenance Process

A frequent inspection and maintenance procedure is just as important as using the right gear. A thorough inspection procedure should be conducted before every shift, with detailed notes kept on the state of all safety gear. This will ensure that safety concerns are addressed immediately and replaced with alternative equipment to continue the shift.

For safety accessories, maintenance must be performed at the frequency specified by the vendor. BA-RGS offers the added benefits of durable ASTM A36 steel, such as less frequent maintenance and inspection requirements. Less time maintaining safety equipment means more time for productivity—without burdensome worries about safety.

Investing the proper budget allocation to safety equipment and adequate maintenance and upkeep time will pay dividends in healthier, happier, and more productive workers.

Emphasizing Safety Enhances Productivity

Workers are the most crucial aspect of any construction project, meaning no expense can be spared in terms of equipment and training. By devoting time to adequate and engaging training while incorporating the highest-quality PPE and accessories, with frequent inspections and detailed note-keeping, you will reduce workplace incidents.

Awareness is the first step to prevention, and by increasing your standards for quality, durability, and protection, you will go a long way toward improving your standards for worker safety and productivity.

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