Get Insider Tips to Help You Choose Fire-Rated Access Doors for Walls

Get Insider Tips to Help You Choose Fire-Rated Access Doors for Walls

Posted by Best Access Doors on 21st Oct 2022

At Best Access Doors, we design quality fire-rated access doors and panels for swift and private access to areas behind walls or ceilings, plus an added safety measure in case of fire. When purchasing products for your establishment, always use the National Fire Protection Association standards as your guide to figure out what type of wall access doors and panels will work best for your property.

If you're all set and sure to purchase one of our industry-leading fire-rated access doors, here are some varieties and how you can select the most suitable one for your establishment:

Choose by Wall Hour Fire-Rating

Choose by Wall Hour Fire-Rating

Wall hour rating refers to the duration of how long the access panel can withstand a standard fire resistance test. Here at Best access doors, we offer fire-rated access doors with various wall ratings from:

  • 45 minutes wall rating
  • 1-hour wall rating
  • 90 minutes wall rating
  • 2 hours wall rating
  • 2.5 hours wall rating
  • 3 hours wall rating

Choose the wall-rating options you prefer best for your commercial building.

Choose the Best Products!

Choose the Best Products

Fire-rated access doors are vital in ensuring the safety of your livelihood, belongings, occupants, and even neighboring establishments. If you want the best, here are some of the industry's most reliable and efficient products!

BA-PFI Insulated with Flange: The BA-PFI access door is a leading fire-rated product due to its primary feature of safeguarding your property from the onset of fire. It does a fantastic job of compartmentalizing fire and smoke with a fire rating of up to 3 hours in vertical installation and is also LEED-certified!

BA-FDU2RFS Un-insulated Surface Mount: The BA-FDU2RFS is a sleek fire-rated panel with an amazing feature. It can maintain the continuity of a fire barrier when installed in a vertical separation. Its assembly underwent superior factory inspection and has a listing of "access frame and fire door assembly. 2-hour fire-rating."

BA-FW-5015 Un-insulated Recessed Panel for Drywall: Provide only the best to your commercial space by installing the BA-FW-5015! It is suitable for drywall walls requiring concealing the door panel consistent with the surrounding walls. It has a recessed reinforced door fitted with 5/8" drywall (supplied with door) and a concealed hinge, self-closing, and self-latching panel.

Choose by Insulation

Choose by Insulation

You can also choose fire-rated access doors based on their insulation features. Some fire-rated access doors are uninsulated up to 36 inches, but professionals should install these in fire-rated walls. However, if you prefer your access door to have insulation, Best Access Doors also offer fire-rated insulated access doors up to 48 inches of varying thicknesses.

In addition, we also have uninsulated surface-mounted access doors, which are fire-rated for extra building protection. This access door type is the best choice if you want a flush front-mounted installation on any wall surface. It has an internal frame depth of only ⅝", allowing minimum obstruction to components inside the wall, making it a common choice for contractors and commercial building owners.

For Oversized Openings

Oversized Openings

Need an access door for oversized openings? Here at Best Access Doors, we always have you covered! We also offer fire-rated insulated double door access panels for walls or ceilings. You can choose from either 2 hours or 3 hours fire rating. Oversized fire-rated panels allow access to relevant building components whenever it needs maintenance or any other service adjustments.

This oversized fire-rated access door for wall installations features a painted galvanized or 304 stainless steel. At the same time, we also have satin finish galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel for wall and ceiling installations.

This fire-rated access door comes in 30 different sizes, and you can even contact us if you want to have the size customized.

Choosing Different Wall Installation Types

Lastly, we also offer different fire-rated access doors based on their wall installation type. We have it here for you, whatever wall finishes or access door application you prefer! Here are some of the installation types you can choose from:

Wall Installation Types

For Recessed Wall Installations: If you want your access door to match the wall surface while having fire-rated properties, then this is the access door you need! This access door has a fire rating of 90 minutes for tile walls and 60 minutes for drywall application.

For Plaster Installation: This fire-rated access door comes with a plaster flange. You can choose either an uninsulated fire-rated access door or an insulated fire-rated access door.

For Drywall Installation: You won't have to worry about fire-rated access doors for drywall installation since this option comes with different options, such as varying sizes, flanges (Exposed solid 1" flange or Mud-in Drywall Bead Flange), and others. Fire-rated access doors for drywall installation typically have a 16 gauge cold rolled steel frame and 20-gauge galvanneal steel door.

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Choosing the right and suitable access doorChoosing the right and suitable access door for your commercial building is not as simple as a tick-tack-toe game. There are various facts and features that you should consider, especially when dealing with a fire-rated access door. But since we are dealing with fire-rated access doors for wall installation, this will be a quick compare-contrast and select game!

These steps will give you the access door you need in no time! If you need help, contact us at (800) 483- 0823, and our world-class customer service team will be happy to assist you with your purchase!